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One of the most satisfying human experiences is finding good food. This is exactly what my family and I found one beautiful Saturday noon at Eastwood City. That day, we discovered Vietnamese food through Annam Noodle Bar.


Annam Noodle Bar

Annam Noodle Bar is under NamNam Noodle Bar Group of Singapore. Founded in 2012 by Director and Owner Chef Nam Q Nguyen , it was borne out of his true love for cooking and exceptional culinary skills. NamNam in Singapore is known to have started the so-called “trendy Vietnamese” restaurant concept that has caught the attention of many food enthusiasts.

Chef Nam was born in Vietnam but his family had to flee to Denmark when his country fell into communist hands. His parents however, made sure that he kept to the Vietnamese traditions and culture. After extensive exposure to various cuisines, he chose to honor his roots by offering Vietnamese food albeit with a modern twist.


When I first read about Annam Noodle Bar which describes its offering more or less the same way “old-world Vietnamese street food with a modern twist”, I wasn’t really sure as to what to expect with regards to the physical set-up. It was a pleasant surprise to see its casual yet very upscale look. It is located at the GF 1880 Building Eastwood City and looks perfectly at home with its surroundings where young professionals abound.



There is nothing that turns me off from any establishment more than to meet personnel who don’t know the real meaning of customer service. At Annam Noodle Bar, interacting with them was actually a pleasure. They greeted us with a smile and went about their work professionally, appearing to be enjoying what they do. I just had to take this picture of them all before we left.



Annam Noodle Bar’s food offering consists of Banh Mi (toasted baguettes with fillings), Hanoi Pho (rice flour noodles with broth), other noodles which can be served dry or with broth, and Viet appetizers and desserts. It has always been my way to ask for the best selling items whenever I first visit a restaurant. What is essentially striking about the food is that they do not use MSG. Flavor is extracted by boiling broth for over 24 hours.



Service was quick, just enough time for me to check out the place. I noticed that they are selling Annam Blended Vietnamese coffee. I made a mental note to order coffee at the end of the meal.






Eating Time

Now for the crucial test. The food we ordered came one after the other. The presentation was a delight to the senses. It was such a satisfying meal that we felt full the whole day even without eating rice. We have a separate article for our food review showing the actual food we ate and our comments about them.


My Say

It is everyone’s desire I believe to eat healthy but tasty food. Let’s face it, nutrients and flavor are rarely found together especially when we dine out. At Annam Noodle Bar, I discovered that it is possible. Prices may appear pricey but are actually very competitive compared to restaurants of the same standard.


If you are looking for the best pho in town, try Annam Noodle Bar. I just confirmed what most of us have known all along. There is no substitute for fresh ingredients for a truly satisfying meal.



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