Year 2015 Takeaways Towards Self-Improvement

After any meeting, discussion, or learning session, the usual question to participants is “What is your takeaway?” By takeaway, we mean a point or idea to be remembered. In as much as every year is in reality a big learning platform for all of us, it would be a good thing to pose this question to ourselves today as the year 2015 closes to welcome the new year 2016.

Let me share with you the Teresay Year 2015 Takeaways Towards Self-Improvement:

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Health is Indeed Wealth

After a major health scare last May, I will never ever take the old adage “Health is wealth” for granted. That was the time I fully realized that life was too precious to be put to waste in being lonely when we can be happy, in just watching when we can be part of something, and in putting our well-being to chance when we can be proactively healthy. There are some things that we may not fully control such as our genes and the aging process but we always have the choice in how we lead our lifestyles that could either worsen or delay, if not prevent our health predispositions.

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Happiness is a Matter of Appreciation

There is truth in saying that the happiest being is the one who appreciates what he has and the loneliest is the one who always covets what others have. The very reason why happiness remains elusive to most of us is because we equate happiness with something material which will never be fully satisfied. We often say we will be happy once we get this or that and once we get it we start wanting another thing again. Look around you, appreciate what you have for as sure as the sun rises, you have something that other people will never ever have. Do not stop dreaming for better things to come but do not commit the mistake of discarding what you already have.

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Be True to Yourself

Life is too short to be living our lives the way other people want us to. Find what makes you happy and do it, but always with respect to the responsibilities you have. Do not put your life on hold forever just because you became a parent or a manager. The work attached to these roles never gets finished but your life does. Go pursue that sport or that hobby or that foreign study. Find that time within your busy schedule and list of priorities.  Aim for excellence in everything you do as it is  attainable and positive rather than perfection which is stressful and demoralizing. Remember that the more fulfilled we are, the more we are able to give to others.

My Say

These three takeaways when summed up points to the direction of self-improvement. Being healthy, happy, and honest allow us to make better decisions in life leading to self-improvement. It’s about time we stop blaming others for the things that are happening in our lives. We need to own them and take responsibility. We can be an advocate of unity in the family, of excellence in work, of cooperation in the community, and of accountability in our country. Just one of these will make a big difference in what we can all expect to be a very challenging year 2016.

Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016! May we have the wisdom and the courage to face what’s ahead for all of us. With God’s guidance, we will prevail over these challenges.

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  1. Happiness will only come to us when we stop being the person that others want us to be. This year, I will rid myself of the “mask” and let my true self surface. I enjoyed reading this post. Wishing you all the best this 2016!

  2. Same like you, I also need to focus on my health.. been reminding myself to focus on that! I guess its time to focus on myself. Lets hope for the best this 2016! Happy New Year !

  3. I definitely agree with you on this. Those three points are really something you need for self improvement, especially being true to yourself.

  4. i find your blogs concise and enriching . i’ll make it a point to read more of what you have to say from today on..
    Happy, Healthy & a brighter 2016 !

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