Why You Should NOT Run Away from an Insurance Agent

Most people tend to hide or run away at the first sight of an insurance agent, not realizing they have more to lose than gain in doing so. What can be so bad about giving time to listen to a presentation that can help you plan your finances better? The worst that can happen is to find out that you don’t have a need for what is being offered. You still don’t lose since you gain knowledge about options that are available for you. But in the subject of insurance, there is actually no time that we don’t need it. It is just a matter of understanding its real worth not only for yourself, but for the people who matters to you.

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To make sure that you don’t make the wrong decision in simply denying yourself the chance to listen, here are the top 3 reasons why you should not run away from an insurance agent.

Insurance Will Not Always Be Available To You

Insurance is a product that you cannot have once you need it. Isn’t it a fact that many people start thinking about insurance when they become sick? The sad part about it, is that it might be too late by that time. Getting an insurance policy would require the applicant to divulge past and existing health conditions which can result to having the application declined. No one can afford to be complacent when everything seems to be doing fine because lives can dramatically change in a blink of an eye.

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An individual should be getting insurance when still young and healthy because premiums are still low. Is it too late to get an insurance policy when you’re not so young? Not necessarily, because as long as you are in good health  from 7 days to 75 years of age, there is still an insurance product that can be offered to you. However, the older the applicant, the higher the risk and therefore, the higher the premium. Thus, the perfect time to get insurance is NOW because insurance will not always be available to you. An insurance agent is persistent because he/she wants you to have it while you still can.

Insurance is a Win-Win Proposition

Paying premiums is not only about shelling out money. You are paying good money to pay for protection, to gain savings and investment, and to get that much needed peace of mind that will never have a price tag. It is about being unafraid of the what-ifs in life.

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Our quality of life is greatly diminished by worries and anxieties. So why not remove those that can be controlled like having an option if life knocks us down with sickness, accident, or death. It is a win-win proposition for both agents and clients. An insurance agent does not only think about his/her commission but thinks about the check he/she will hand to you or your loved ones when the inevitable happens.

Insurance Has Both Living and Death Benefits

Insurance has the misfortune of usually being connected to death. This is probably because of the traditional plans wherein no benefit is expected until the insured dies. This perception is slowly changing especially with the introduction of insurance products such as those offered by PruLife UK . Insurance has now become a product for the living in terms of providing for the four core realities every individual would have to face: Protection, Education of Children, Savings, and Retirement.

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Of course, it maintains its original purpose which is to provide for those who are left behind in case natural or accidental death happens to the insured. The breadwinner needs to think beyond his/her own disability or death especially when there are people depending on him/her. An insurance agent will find the best financial product suitable for the needs and capability of the client, doing away with costly and wrong choices.

My Say

I was one of those who tended to shy away from insurance agents before. I limited myself to just one policy for myself and one for my husband, thinking those were enough. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Now I know better.

Aside from making sure that all my immediate loved ones have at least one insurance policy in place, I went one step further and finally embraced the life of a part-time Pru Life financial adviser. My goal now is to reach and inform as many individuals as possible about the benefits of being protected from life’s unpleasant surprises. Resist the urge to run, hide , or make excuses when an insurance agent requests for an appointment. You are actually doing yourself a favor when you take time to listen.

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