France: Dream Destination Waiting to be Achieved

Who doesn’t dream of traveling to France? The country is always on the list of top tourist destinations and for good reason. In fact, it has been in my own wish list of places to visit for so long that I can almost swear that I’ve actually seen its many attractions in person, breathed in Paris’ romantic air, and experienced the sheer pleasure of staying in a mansion in France. But alas, France remains a dream destination waiting to be achieved for now so here is what I’m doing while waiting.


Understand France

Aside from merely dreaming to visit France, I have done a lot of reading in the hopes of making this dream a reality. The more information I gather about it, the more interested I become. In this time and age, getting the right information is no longer difficult. The internet abounds with so much information, travelers just need to be more selective of choosing sites to avoid being misled. No doubt, the information is out there.

For a probable first time traveler to France like me, understanding the history, culture, and local laws would make the visit more enjoyable, not to mention, less stressful. Travel documentation is a very important aspect in any plan to visit another country. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to research on the requirements and inquire from the proper agencies to ensure that the right information are obtained. This would eliminate wastage of time in having to go back and forth to submit documents.

The research done on France’s culture would come in very handy during the visit. You wouldn’t want to embarrass or get yourself into trouble due to ignorance especially of things that are generally known. Instinct and common sense will guide you for the rest but taking the time to understand the country and how things are done there is always a plus.

Read up on books, talk with people who have traveled to this country before if possible, and take the effort to learn basic French language. These will all serve to your advantage. Being a first time traveler to France should not be a reason to go there totally clueless.

Experience France

To truly experience a country, you would have to “live” there for a time. While many tourists pass through France en route to other destinations, it is only by stopping in the country at least for several days that one can say that he has experienced it. This is why deciding on where to stay is equally crucial.

France has different facets as a tourist destination. The choice of location for suitable accommodation would depend on how a traveler wishes to experience the country. Comfort and safety should never be sacrificed in making a choice. The feel of luxury is highly desired specifically for leisure traveling.


Travel accommodations in France are varied. Just take a look on vacation rental options online and you will know. Once the opportunity for travel is confirmed, choosing the place to stay becomes a priority.

Whether it is a villa in the French Riviera or the French Alps or a quaint and not frequently traveled village, travelers need to have a place that provides the best but will not unnecessarily strain the budget. Travelers must know what budget they are working on and from there, choose the best that their money can buy.

Appreciate France

France is known for its numerous tourist attractions. It is not uncommon to hear about how much time is consumed just falling in line to see one. It is essential therefore to determine which ones you would really like to see especially if you are staying in France for a very limited period.

It is tempting to want to see it all but it is simply not possible. There are many tourists, both foreign and local, who has the same thing in mind as you. When you dream of traveling to France, what is it exactly do you want to see or expreience? You can check on listings for the most popular attractions or you can also consider World Heritage sites found in the country.

Make it a visit that will allow you to appreciate France more instead of being pressured to complete a list of must-visits. Indulge yourself the luxury of being there at that particular place and time. Just get the passes you need so you will not find yourself rushing through it all. It is not everyday that you can be in this popular tourist destination, so make it memorable.

Of course it would be best to have reasonably enough time to cover most attractions since the tendency to rush is usually brought on with the reality of travel expenses and personal responsibilities. Most people can consider themselves lucky for getting a one-time opportunity to visit France. It is natural to want to make the most of the visit in terms of number of attractions visited.

My Say

We have had this Eiffel Tower replica for more than ten years. It was given by a family friend to my husband who loves to collect things related to other countries. I can say that it serves as a constant reminder of our desire to see Paris at least. Opportunities for travel doesn’t come very often due to family and work responsibilities. This is why we try to make every occasion to travel an exceptional one. We make sure that we understand what is needed to make our dream travel possible.

This is very true with this long-standing dream to see France. The next time I write about France, I’m hoping it will be about my experience there. For now, I would continue preparing financially while continuing to dream about seeing its stunning landscape, beautiful French villages, and of course, the real Eiffel Tower. Hope springs eternal.

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