The Falcon Soars at Adamson University: A School Feature was given the incredible opportunity to experience firsthand what it feels like to move inside the campus of one of the most enduring educational institutions in the Philippines – Adamson University. What started as a one-classroom school is now a dynamic educational community occupying its permanent home along San Marcelino Street in Manila. As it continues to grow both in physical size and student population, Adamson University commits to produce socially responsible and globally competitive graduates through an environment of academic excellence and education with a heart.

I have a lot to share about what Adamson University has to offer especially to parents and students who are still looking for THE school that will serve as their springboard towards a promising career.

Let us get to know Adamson University

Secular Beginnings

Did you know that Adamson University was founded by a Greek chemist from Athens? Dr. George Lucas Adamson established what was originally known as the Adamson School of Industrial Chemistry (ASIC), on June 20, 1932. Young men and women were trained in practical industrial chemistry in a school with a single classroom.

George Lucas was joined by other Adamson family members serving on various capacities in running the school. Most of them remained working in the University until its turnover to the Vincentian Fathers and Brothers of the Congregation of the Mission in 1964. The founder however stayed on for 3 more years as President until the official assumption of the Vincentians as school administrators.

Catholic and Vincentian Institution

How did the Catholic faith shape Adamson University of today? The ownership of the university was turned over to Adamson-Ozanam Educational Institutions, Inc. This signaled the transition of the school to a Catholic and Vincentian institution. St. Vincent de Paul is recognized as the University Patron Saint.

A Spanish Vincentian priest succeeded as school President, who was in turn followed by Filipino priests. The current and sixth President of Adamson University is likewise a Filipino priest, Fr. Marcelo Manimtim, CM. It is to be noted that the school’s patron saint founded congregations and organizations of people performing works of charity. The school motto Veritas in Caritate “Truth in Charity” serves as the guiding principle in the university’s daily operation.

Global Education

What are the academic offerings of Adamson University? It boasts of 10 colleges offering courses ranging from architecture, business administration, education and liberal arts, engineering, law, nursing, pharmacy, science, graduate school, and theology. The university’s engineering programs continue to be the most popular although the other programs are not to be left behind. There are more than 50 graduate programs in various specialties. Basic Education and Senior High Programs are likewise offered.

The university has been granted an Autonomous status which is bestowed to higher education institutions that possess a long tradition of integrity, commitment to excellence, and sustainability and viability of operations. It is also recognized as a Center of Development by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and is PAASCU (Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities) and PACUCOA (Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation) accredited.

Adamson University holds the distinction of pioneering Industrial Chemistry and Computer Engineering in the Philippines. It is 1 of only 3 universities offering B.S. Petroleum Engineering leading to one of the highest paying and in-demand jobs both locally and internationally. Adamson is one of the few engineering universities that uses the Electrical Power System Analysis and Operating Software (ETAP) for Electrical Engineering. Engineering faculty members are mostly ASEAN engineers who are allowed to work in/with any country within the ASEAN network.

Most of the Engineering programs are accredited by the Philippine Technological Council (PTC) under the terms of the Washington Accord. Dual-degree programs are being offered through partnerships with several universities like Minghsin University of Science and Technology in Taiwan. Add to this the upcoming MOA signing between Adamson University and Universiti Teknologi Petronas (Malaysia) to further its B.S. Petroleum Engineering program and we know just how serious the university is in its aim for true global education.

Excellent Facilities

How does the university facilities measure up to the lofty goal for global education? Adamson University is very proud of its Chemistry Laboratory which is considered one of the largest in Asia. It can accommodate up to a thousand students or conduct 20 simultaneous classes at a time. The library housed in 3 floors offers one of the most comprehensive and relevant collection of material resources, books, periodicals, and non-book materials.

In terms of physical space, Adamson University has come a long way from its original 1-room set-up. Before settling in its present home in San Marcelino Street in 1946 after the war, it occupied three other locations. The acquisition of the Meralco building in 1968 and St. Theresa’s College-Manila Campus in 1977 across the street made sure of the physical expansion of the university. It even has its own theater.

Student Development

What kind of graduates does Adamson University produce? The university is committed to producing competent, innovative, and responsible students and graduates. That is the very essence of the 3 C’s – Competence, Character, and Charity, which the school uses as benchmarks for developing its students.

With its tagline GLOBAL EDUCATION. RELIGIOUS HEART, this school seeks to produce students who are not only academically and materially successful, but also citizens who have the heart to serve others and give back. The approach in developing students is holistic as it allows students to advance in all aspects through sports, the arts, and community service. In true Vincentian spirit, Adamsonians are described as generally low profile people who are not wont to call attention to their achievements.

Tuition Fee

Can you afford an Adamsonian education? The average tuition fee is about Php 40,000 to 60,000 per semester. With the quality of education and facilities provided by the university, the amount is considered competitive.

For students who may need some financial assistance in finishing their education, scholarships are being offered as follows:

  1. Academic Scholarship
  2. University Athletes Scholarship
  3. CHED- K to 12 Transition Program Scholarships
  4. Scholarship for Student Assistant Ozanam Study Grant Program (OSGP)

Adamson University Family

Would you fit in at Adamson University? School administrators and personnel think so. They see the community as one family moving and interacting in a campus that is safe and friendly. School administrators have confirmed there are no fraternities among their recognized school organizations.

The people who are currently running the school are either graduates who chose to build their career in the university or people who are Adamsonian at heart, who believe in Adamson University’s system of education.  I have spoken with a number of them who have a long history of service in the school and the word “family” always comes up. When we are talking about 33, 35, 40 years of service, they easily prove their point.

Their Say

Instead of me just writing about it, let’s hear what Adamson University has to say.

My Say

Speaking as a parent who only wants the best education and opportunities for my children,

  • I want a school that is safe and caring of its students
  • I want a school that matches educational goals with the quality of facilities and teachers it provides
  • I want a school that provides opportunities for maximizing potentials to all students and not only to a select few
  • I want a school that continues to grow with the times

Does Adamson University offer these? I definitely think so. University rankings would vary but Adamson University is consistently mentioned as among the top universities in the Philippines so that safely covers the academic side. What especially appeals to me is hearing the administrators say that they do work with all students in making sure that they graduate as responsible citizens.

Let’s face it. Not all our children have been gifted with academic proficiency. Studying will always be harder for some more than others. As we all know, academic awards does not guarantee success in life but having the right attitude can. I want my son or my daughter to be able to use their strengths in overcoming their weaknesses and that can only be provided by family support and excellent education with a heart, and that my dear readers is what Adamson University has to offer.

Adamson University

Address: 900,San Marcelino Street,Ermita,Manila City 1000,Metro Manila
Phone: (02) 524 2011

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