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Bloggers Share Personal Unilab Product Experiences

When I first got the invitation to be one of the five bloggers tapped to introduce Unilab’s 5 video proofs in relation to its Husay at Malasakit Campaign, it only took a moment of hesitation before I readily agreed to it. After all, there is nothing difficult about sharing genuine experiences. One just has to tell a personal story, a real personal story about products that have actually been used and served their purpose and so I did.


Unilab Bloggers Day

Typhoon Ruby may have succeeded in postponing the Unilab Bloggers Day last December 9 but December 17 was no less eventful for a day where Unilab representatives, brand ambassadors, bloggers, and other online partners met to celebrate and get to know each other. It was an intimate gathering used as an opportune time to highlight Unilab’s Husay at Malasakit videos that were to be introduced online. The videos which were introduced by brand ambassadors/bloggers comprise of five main aspects of what constitutes Unilab’s thrust towards Excellence and Compassion: Innovation, Distribution, Products, Manufacturing, and Active Life.



This first video was introduced by Julie Custodio-Fuertes, a mom and a special education teacher. It is about how mothers are able to cure or rescue their children even if they are not doctors or superheroes. It is a fitting tribute to a mother’s unending Husay at Malasakit.



Another mom,Tetcha Gregorio-Figuerres introduced the second video. Her personal story of surviving pituitary tumor is but a fitting touch to this video’s content which is about a promise of always being there to take care of someone. Husay at Malasakit is all about being there, constant and steady, even if the recipient of such attention fail to reciprocate.



This is the video I introduced. Aside from sharing the fact that I and my family have long been users of Unilab products, I once again took the opportunity to emphasize what I believe to be one of the biggest responsibilities of  companies like Unilab, which is to give back to consumers in the form of products that are affordable and of excellent quality. There is no greater manifestation of Husay at Malasakit than this.



Doctor/blogger Stef de la Cruz introduced this video which is about Unilab’s world-class manufacturing facilities to assure that customers only get high quality medicines. This is Husay at Malasakit at its best especially since consumers deserve no less. Stef related this to the bloggers’ perspective who she believes should give nothing less as well to readers.


Active Life

This segment was introduced by Franc Ramon, a CPA and finance person by profession but who is very much into running and other sports activities. He talked about  Unilab Active Health which provides planned and executed races that put more emphasis on better appreciation of health and wellness lifestyle of participants. Husay at Malasakit is evident in the excellent execution of its sponsored sports events as well as in making sure that participants enjoy the best conditions to maximize athletic performance.


My Say

A company that has Excellence and Compassion as part of its mission is certainly promising a lot. Unilab, the leading pharmaceutical company in the country  seems to have no problem with that as it launched its Husay at Malasakit campaign. Excellence and compassion are not easy to combine especially when the profitability aspect of doing business is at stake. Ultimately, it all boils down to giving back to the very people who gave support through patronizing products. As long as a company promotes Husay at Malasakit , consumers will always be there and that is the unspoken promise of grateful consumers to Unilab.


unilab bloggers day - teresay



Special thanks to Tetcha Figuerres for sharing the above photos for publication in this post.

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  1. Happy New Year! It’s so nice to see that a few of the bloggers I read are part of this event.

    Unilab is doing a great job with their campaign. One of the best kinds of marketing is actual testimonials as they become advocates for the product.

  2. Unilab products has been a great help to Filipinos over the years. It must be an honor to be invited in this kind of event.

  3. First of all, congratulations for a great event. And for UNILAB, yeah I agree that they provide affordable medicines for consumers. It’s great to hear that COMPASSION is a big part of their mission. Kudos to them!

  4. I think Unilab is more than the product/medicine it offers. It has concern to people and its customers. I like that it highlights the active lifestyle and participates in organizing runs and sports activities.

  5. Unilab known for its unending support for Filipinos on providing best and high-quality medicines will be the most trusted drug provider in our country. Altogether with their advocacies, I really hope that they will help more Filipinos with this.

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