Author Your Future with Pru Life UK

What if you can find a way to author your future by allowing you to make better health choices? What if I told you that you can discover how your genes affect your diet, nutrition, and fitness? Would you want to know?

Pru Life UK, a subsidiary of British financial services giant Prudential plc, has now made available this option through myDNA. By signing up for selected plans, Pru Life UK clients can get a complimentary myDNA kit. This is an innovative health and wellness programme based on a person’s unique DNA which is used as a guide in making better lifestyle choices.

How Does myDNA work?

With the use of the myDNA kit provided, a saliva sample is obtained and sent by the service provider to its proprietary laboratory in Hong Kong for testing. The results seeks to obtain better understanding of a person’s biological makeup for the purpose of proactively preventing diseases. This is specifically useful for health predispositions related to genetics.

It is a non diagnostic test and should not replace health screenings. Though it cannot predict if a person will certainly develop a certain disease, it creates awareness so that a person can exercise caution in areas where one is considered potentially vulnerable. Lifestyle changes will need to consider other forms of examination and testing as well.

How Does myDNA Results Affect Pru Life UK Policy Owners?

The test results will not be shared to Pru Life UK and will only be given to the sample owner. It is not a test required by the insurance provider for the approval of any insurance application. Policy owners are not required to declare the results as they will not be used in underwriting, claims assessment, and even with future applications.

My Say

The myDNA initiative from Pru Life UK clearly shows the company’s interest in taking better care of its policy owners. This is very much in line with its commitment to secure the needs of the Filipino people through protection, investment, education, and retirement plans. We can author our future if equipped with information we need to make better life decisions.

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