7 Cutting Edge Tech Careers to Consider

It’s the everyday jobs that shape our collective future: the scientists, the doctors and nurses, the software engineers, and now that technology has revolutionized the workforce, new jobs are opening up across the board.

So how do you determine which tech job is right for you? Salary, workplace satisfaction and industry growth are all important factors to consider, but you may need to hone your interests into one specific field if you want to build a prosperous career. To help you get on the right path, here are some cutting-edge tech careers to consider.


Industrial Engineer

Industrial engineers are responsible for improving production processes and eliminating waste in a specific area, such as the manufacturing or service industry. To become an industrial engineer, you will need to showcase skills in a variety of mathematical and scientific disciplines and have a relevant bachelor’s degree.

Cyber Security Expert

With cyber attacks on the rise, a great deal of money is now invested into Internet security, particularly for government institutions and global corporations. If you have computer programming and Internet security knowledge, you could get paid by companies to hack into their systems and find vulnerabilities in their software. You could also work for a data security company providing an electronic discovery service, which helps lawyers investigate electronic evidence for a court case.

Web Developer

If you have coding and web design skills, your services will be in high demand. These days, having an online presence is no longer a choice for businesses: it’s a necessity. Web development companies may require you to have a formal education, but you don’t need any qualifications to go freelance, you just need to be able to demonstrate your skills.

Marketing Manager

Companies will always need to market their products, but the nuances of Internet marketing can prove too complicated and time-consuming for most business owners. This is where marketing managers come in! Those who can manage a marketing campaign will always be in high demand in the marketplace.

Software Developer

Software development is a skill that’s in high demand, so much so that average wages are rising every year. Every business relies on technology these days, so if you have skills in software development, you’ll never be out of work.

Data Architect

The job of a data architect is to create a blueprint for a company’s data management systems, implementing measures to ensure accuracy and accessibility as well as researching new opportunities for data acquisition. You will need a bachelor’s degree and work experience to become a certified data architect.

Technical Program Manager

Technical program managers are responsible for the handling of all aspects of technical projects for the organization they work for. As a technical program manager (TPM), you will initiate programs, monitor their progress and provide continuous support to users.

My Say

If you’ve figured out that a career in technology is the right path for you, then great – you’re one step closer to realizing your goals and earning money from your labors. However, you may need to hone your passion into one specific area to maximize your earning potential.

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