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3 Careers That Make A Difference Aside from Teaching

When it comes to picking the right professional career, a lot of people tend to look at the potential earnings as a main factor of decision. While your pay is important – after all, you work to live, and earning money is the way to do it – it shouldn’t be the only factor to take into consideration. Job satisfaction is highly significant, especially when one thinks how much of your daily mood and mental health can suffer from a poor career choice. Depression, anxiety and even burn-out are some of the most obvious consequences of a stressful or inappropriate career path.

Experience job satisfaction

What is an appropriate career choice that makes me happy, you ask. The answer is simple: Helping others through hard times is the best way to see the positive impacts of your job and find satisfaction in working hard every day to change people’s lives. Don’t follow the trap of thinking that the only way to bring positivity in someone else’s life is by becoming a teacher who helps children to build their future. Teaching is a great career path, but there are plenty of other professionals that deserve our admiration for making a difference.

#1. The nurse who helps people to live a normal life

For anyone who has had to spend a night at the hospital, a good nurse can be a life-saver. Health problems are stressful and can easily be overwhelming. Consequently, it’s important for patients to know that they can rely on a friendly and qualified nurse to show understanding and care. In the healthcare sector, you are expected to be able to work in any condition, because you’ve taken an oath to help those in need, and consequently you can’t always pick comfortable locations. Sometimes accidents happen in dangerous places, and it’s the role of the healthcare professionals to help right on the spot. This goes without mentioning the long hours and the pay issue – the public sector doesn’t offer many raises. But what are those against the satisfaction of saving a life?

#2. The counselor who helps children in their personal development

The counselor is part of the education team at school but isn’t a teacher. Instead, a qualified counselor – following the online masters of counseling programs of St. Bonaventure University – is there to help children through all situations they might struggle with. From listening when children want to talk about their family situation to advising on their personal passions and hobbies, a counselor is the equivalent of an adult friend children can trust with their problems and who is always there to help.

#3. The coach who encourages people to become who they want to be

When people feel lost in their life journeys, it’s the role of the life coach to help them find their way back to the light. A life coach can help people to overcome stressful situations and change their life for the better, one step at a time. Contrary to a therapist, a life coach helps people to take active measures and improve their situation. Helping others to uncover their true potential and build the life they’ve always wanted, that’s surely something to be proud of.

My Say

Changing someone’s life for the better is key to finding a career path that brings satisfaction every day. Healthcare, children’s social development, and life coaching, these are sectors that mean that you can make the world a better place for someone. There are careers that earn us a living but there are careers that make a difference, making us realize that there is more to work than pay.

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