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Philippine Politics in the Eyes of a Youth

This poem sent chills down my spine as I was reading it. Considering the very turbulent political scene we are witnessing right now, this piece would seem normal, if not expected, coming from satirical adult poets. But this was written by my 15 year-old son, a grade 9 student for his Filipino assignment. The instruction was to make a 15-line free-flowing poem comparing two things. He chose to compare Philippine politics with a game – a game of thieves to be exact and I was troubled. He came up with this idea on his own, without any encouragement from his teachers nor from us. In fact, we rarely talk about politics at home. What is troubling about his work is that he has formed a judgment based on his perception of what is happening around him. He asked me to read the poem not to consult me about the content, but simply to check for grammatical errors. He was not asking for my opinion. It was clear to me that as far as he is concerned, he was stating a fact in poetic form as required. The Dilemma How should a parent handle this? Covering up what is really happening in our government is useless, considering the amount and nature of information that is widely available to all. Let’s face it, the youth of today can form their own conclusions based on what they are actually seeing. I actually praised him for his work as I only had to make very minor corrections. I was very careful not to make it appear that I was dictating on him what...

Why You Should Get a Medical Second Opinion

For the average patient, it is enough to hear a doctor allude to a possible life-threatening disease to spur him to action towards the first provided medical recommendation. Unless a person has a death wish on himself or has no particular interest to live longer, this is  a very common reaction. Humans have a natural instinct for self-preservation although this is not necessarily a selfish thing. A parent for example would like to stay healthy at least long enough to take care of his children and that is being responsible.  However, more recent statistics are telling us that medical misdiagnosis is happening in the real world at an alarming rate, thus the immense advantage of seeking professional medical second opinion. What is a Medical Second Opinion? In simple terms, a medical second opinion is a recommendation we seek from another physician aside from the one who regularly treats us or the one who provided the initial information for an existing or just-discovered medical condition. This can result to either a confirmation of the diagnosis of the first doctor or an entirely different point of view. Patients getting a 3rd, 4th, 5th, or many more opinions is not unheard of. However, this is not recommended for patients who are in immediate need of emergency treatment. Those who should seriously be considering taking reasonable time to find the best option among those offered by professional doctors are patients who were advised to undergo non-emergency surgery or other major medical procedures and testings. Where do you Get Medical Second Opinion? If you are to seek medical second opinion, be sure to get...

Louise Mabulo: Master Chef in Training

Before anyone becomes a master in anything, rigorous training is required. This holds true in whatever field we choose to be in. A sixteen year old girl by the name of Louise Mabulo is doing just that as she prepares to compete in the upcoming Disciples de Escoffier Young Talent Trophy competition at Hongkong on September 8-9. This event will only be one of the many that will hone her skills and test her determination to join the ranks of chefs who have made their mark in the culinary industry. Louise is a Master Chef in waiting and in training. Who is Louise Mabulo? Many would probably remember Louise as a finalist in the Pinoy Junior Master Chef. She is very open with her love for cooking so it is of no surprise to those who know her that she is currently pursuing this passion through training. Although raised in the UK, she is very much a Filipino and is in fact now permanently based here. Her exposure to two entirely different cultures inspired her to fuse Philippine and international cuisine. Young as she is, she has been holding cooking demos and workshops and judging in prestigious culinary competitions held in universities and colleges in Manila. She is also a travel buff. And as if that isn’t enough, she is also into competitive archery.  It is clear that this young lady has carefully laid out her future for herself and knows perfectly well where she intends to go. The Way to Becoming a Master Chef How does a young chef like Louise join the ranks of the Master Chefs. Let’s...

Just Roll It: Online Board Game for Real-Life Winnings

Online games are steadily attracting more participants with the wide range of choices in the nature of entertainment being offered. One of the latest to hit the Philippine market is Just Roll It, an online board game that can be played on the PC. It does not only promises hours of fun but also the chance to win big time and be rich just like a high roller.   Just Roll It Just Roll It is a game similar to monopoly. It can be played by groups of 4 players, as teams of 2 in a battle, or as a free-for-all individual game. By being one of the many colorful characters in the game who travel the world to buy properties and build their own real estate empire, you can use your monopoly of the real estate market to collect rent from other players who land on your properties and force them into bankruptcy to win the game. The user interface allows players to use the options provided in the game. It can let you access the game’s item shop, join a free-for-all or team match, modify game options and settings, display your current ranking and ongoing events, chat with other players, or take you back to channel selection. Players can also create a room indicating how many can join. How to Play Just Roll It This is essentially how Just Roll It is played as provided for in the official website. You can start immediately after downloading the game and registering an account. You have the choice of building your empire through the World Map or your own...

Lifespiration : Attaining the Dream Life

All of us have our own idea of what a dream life is. To some, it would be financial freedom while others see it as the freedom to pursue one’s passion. Still others go further by bringing their dreams in the context of creating a positive impact on the community. Attaining the dream life need not be a far-fetched vision. Avida Land’s  Homepossible: Lifespiration conference which was held recently, sought to inspire the audience to look at life with a fresh and realistic perspective, proposing that a dream life is all about striking a balance between work and life. which includes pursuing passions. The conference featured four guest speakers who shared with the audience not only the glossy aspects of their respective journeys but also the real challenges expected to arise in the pursuit of a dream life. It was an opportunity to learn how to manage personal and family finances, invest in real estate , and venture into social entrepreneurship.  The event was essentially an invitation for us to take charge and map out the path to success. The Speakers Reese Fernandez Ruiz Social entrepreneur Reese Fernandez-Ruiz of Rags 2 Riches inspired the crowd with the fairy tale-like story of her brand that was developed with the women of Payatas, a dumpsite in Metro Manila. “It is good to hear about the good stuff, but no success happens overnight. With Rags 2 Riches, we did not do it overnight, it took us seven years to be where the brand is today,” said Fernandez-Ruiz, adding that hard-work, dedication, and faith are the three things that really helped them succeed....

Gifted.PH – The Future of Gift-Giving

Gift-giving is very much a part of human culture. To many, it is like a ritual performed during holidays and special occasions. The fast-paced life we lead today has made it  a lot more challenging to stick with this tradition. Fortunately, sending gifts can now be made a lot easier through Gifted.PH – the future of gift-giving. Gifted.PH Gifted.PH is an online gift certificate retail website where you can send gift certificates (GCs) online anytime, anywhere at your convenience. It is the answer to the need to find an easier way for people with busy schedules to continue expressing their thoughtfulness through gifts. Gift certificates are often perceived as impersonal but this is certainly not the case for Gifted. Each GC is sent with a personalized greeting card and a recommended gift, making giving GCs more acceptable, fun, and personal.  The GC can be sent to your recipient for free via email, wherein they will simply need to print and present it in the store or you can have it shipped in a small memorable gift box. The gift-giving idea presented by Gifted is really very simple, easy, and practical. The gift giver gets convenience by saving time and avoiding traffic in going to brick-and-mortar stores, while having the satisfaction in knowing that the right gift will be sent. This is because the recipient gets the freedom of choice of what actual items to get with the gift certificate at hand. Keeping in touch is made more personal with gifts that truly come from the heart. It is important to note that Gifted is not a discount website, it does... read more


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