iACADEMY: Opening Doors to Relevant Education

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Switch Right On: Full Support of Renewable Energy

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Bloggers Share Personal Unilab Product Experiences

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When Lifestyle Change Equals Wardrobe Change

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Dulaang UP Measure for Measure: The Review

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Cebuana Lhuillier to Hold Disaster Resiliency Forum

Do you know that the Philippines is the 2nd most disaster-prone country out of 171 countries in the world? In fact, over the course of two decades, our country has endured a total of 274 natural calamities. These calamities have such a great impact on Filipinos, that it does not only threaten livelihood and lives but also expose impoverished communities to deeper poverty and even despondency. Knowing the need to have more proactive measures in place to address this truth, Cebuana Lhuillier Insurance Solutions will hold the 2016 Ready Disaster Resiliency Forum -The Role of Microinsurance in Building Disaster-Resilient Communities. 2016 Disaster Resiliency Forum The 2016 Disaster Resiliency Forum as spearheaded by Cebuana Lhuillier Insurance Solutions is set to happen on January 27, 2016 at Makati Shangri-La Hotel. Top officials from the Climate Change Commission, National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council, Department of Social Welfare and Development, Philippine Disaster Recovery Foundation, Philippine Insurers and Reinsurers Association, Project NOAH, and Habitat for Humanity Philippines, among other organizations, will be present. This was organized in observance of January as Microinsurance Month. The forum is presented in three parts to cover the most pertinent aspects of disaster preparedness: 1. Ready to Initiate: Why Invest in Building Disaster Resilient Communities? The first part highlights the value of being prepared for future calamities. It sheds light on new policy direction, programs, and recommendations of the government and partner stakeholders towards ensuring communities’ readiness to face and thrive amid disasters. To discuss the topics are Secretary Emmanuel M. De Guzman, Vice-Chairperson of the Climate Change Commission, Ms. Lenie D. Alegre, Chief of National Disaster Risk Reduction and...

Jumpstart Your Journey to Good Health

January is always a busy month for our family. This is largely because of the bulk of activities my children have in school due to the annual celebration of the feast of their school’s patron saint. Parents would readily understand that when our children are busy, chances are, so are we, if not more. Journey to Good Health Starts Now There is the seemingly unending rehearsals for the Foundation Day presentation. Since it is impossible to totally do away with studies during this time, there are also assignments, projects, and group presentations to attend to. Needless to say, this is a particularly taxing time for everyone in the family. That is why January is always the right time for us to jumpstart our journey to good health. The beginning of the year is always an exciting time to start good habits and practices especially when it comes to the health aspect. This is in the hope that we can maintain these practices all throughout the year to minimize sickness, if not totally avoid it. Here are some ways we go about it. Tried-and-Tested Health Tips 1. Eat Healthy Most of us are familiar with the saying that “we are what we eat”. It is not a grandmother’s tale at all. We should try our best to get a balanced diet from all possible sources of nutrients such as meat, fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, and others. The key to eating healthy is moderation and balance. 2.  Get Sleep and Rest Our bodies need to recover through sleep and rest to ensure continuous proper functioning. You are doing your body a great...

Shaping a Generation of Inquirers, the APEC School Way

What does it take to raise a proactive inquirer – a young mind trained to see beyond what is and excitedly focuses on potential and possibilities? One who seeks solutions to problems rather than merely pointing them out? Discerning parents and teachers would agree that for children to be effective at what they do, they need to be exposed to things that fuel discovery and drive them to ask questions about matters that stimulate their curiosities. At Ayala Education-led APEC Schools, which offers private secondary education for Grades 7 to 12 pupils, students do more than just study the basic subjects. On top of their Math, Science, Social Studies, Technology and Livelihood Education, Filipino, and English courses among others, they are also introduced to Life Labs. Life Labs, a problem-based subject proprietary to APEC Schools, provides students with opportunities to examine real-life situations and real world issues. They are taught to consider ideas and solutions to address pressing concerns. Using their research and problem-solving skills, students are able to exercise their creativity to provide simple yet effective solutions to issues such as financial health, media literacy, and even road safety. According to Monette Sabio, Director for Teaching at APEC Schools, Life Labs requires students to identify a specific problem in their community and search for solutions throughout the semester through relevant research and interviews. “By putting students more in charge of topics being discussed, they start taking ownership of the questions or problems they’ve raised or identified, their level of engagement increases, they learn to reflect on what they’ve learned, and take action on problems which, they first thought,...

REBEL: Ballet Manila’s Tribute to EDSA Revolution

The EDSA Revolution of 1986 in the Philippines, also known as the People Power Revolution was and is still considered one of the Filipino people’s shining moments in history.  For most young people today, this event is probably just one part of Philippine history they have to study. Ballet Manila‘s latest production REBEL which will be staged on February 25, 26, 27, and 28, 2016 at Aliw Theater will relive the story of Ferdinand, Imelda, Ninoy, and Corazon in the context of the EDSA Revolution.  This full length ballet which tells about the journey of a hero to freedom should give us a better appreciation of this event in time with the celebration of its 30th Anniversary. What Was the EDSA Revolution About? The EDSA Revolution was not a one-day event that happened in February 25, 1986. Rather, it was a series of events that started soon after the assassination of Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. in 1983 which culminated in the 3-day demonstration held along the stretch of Epifanio delos Santos Ave. (EDSA). The main goal was to remove Ferdinand Marcos from office and to install Corazon Aquino as the rightful president. This followed the proclamation of Marcos as the winner in the snap elections held in February 7, 1986, an electoral exercise that was marred by fraud and violence. These obvious election irregularities prompted the Reform the Armed Forces Movement (RAM) to stage a coup against Marcos. However, Marcos learned about the plot and ordered the arrest of its leaders including Juan Ponce Enrile who sought the help of then AFP Chief of Staff Fidel Ramos. The Catholic Church for its...

Danvil Claims Update – January 2016

After the  long uneasy silence of the Insurance Commission (IC), comes a breath of hope for many Danvil (formerly Family First) policy holders. The latest on the Danvil Claims Update comes in the form of a notice coming from the Atty. Rony D. Togonon, the IC-Designated Liquidator for Danvil Plans, Inc.  The notice dated January 5,2016  is saying that the first batch of payments are about to be processed.   source: insurance.gov.ph Good News Good news first. The Insurance Commission has finally approved the payment of claims of Danvil planholders whose plans matured on or before October 10, 2013. Another notice will be published as soon as the checks are ready for release. The said notice will provide for the manner in which the distribution is to be made plus the other developments with regards to Danvil claims. Bad News And now for the bad news. The other planholders not covered by the designated cut-off date will have to stew a while longer. The same notice states that all others will be included in the second batch of release. When that would be, your guess is as good as mine. What Can the Planholders Expect? As of this time, it is not clear what amount claimants can expect to get after the long wait. Is it the amount actually invested or will it come with interest? The notice is silent with regards to this question. Hopefully this will be cleared out in the next notices that IC will be coming out with. My Say I have to admit that hopelessness within me about my Danvil claim started to creep...

WeddingBookph – Dream Weddings Realized

Most women are confronted with the question: What is your dream wedding? While some might be caught totally off-guard with the question, many would have a pretty good idea of their answer. But a dream it would be until that appointed day when a woman gets her dream wedding realized. In today’s busy world, every bride (and groom) needs a hand in the planning, preparation, and execution of this momentous event. This is precisely where weddingbookph.com comes in. What is weddingbookph.com? weddingbookph.com aims to be the first and only website that would answer all wedding needs. This is quite a tall order for any wedding coordinator, considering just how many things need to be attended to.  weddingbookph.com however seeks to achieve this goal not by itself but by partnering with reputable event-related service providers who will do each particular job professionally. In essence, it intends to bridge the gap between clients’ needs and quality services offered by its business partners. This set-up eliminates the horrors of trial-and-error that could possibly lead to a disastrous event, knowing that every detail is being attended to by an expert in the field. What weddingbookph.com Offers When you visit the weddingbookph site, you will see package offers provided by different suppliers. These would include bridal hair and make-up packages, invitation packages, souvenir packages, wedding cake packages, emcee services, venue styling, wedding coordination services, and even all-inclusive wedding packages. Dream it and weddingbookph.com will have it. The Woman Behind weddingbookph.com weddingbookph.com is the brainchild of Liza Kathryn Carbonel-Sales. Liza who has been involved in the wedding industry for 5 years now is very straightforward with her... read more


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