iACADEMY: Opening Doors to Relevant Education

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Switch Right On: Full Support of Renewable Energy

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When Lifestyle Change Equals Wardrobe Change

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Dulaang UP Measure for Measure: The Review

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Gifts of Hope from Jollibee Family Values Awardees

What will it take to give someone hope that positive changes will come sooner than later?  A little time and a little effort perhaps backed by good intentions. Maybe… but what would it REALLY take to inspire hope among the less fortunate in society who have had more than their  share of trials that come with living? Answer: Support and Assistance towards long-term solutions for issues faced by the person in need of hope. For more than 300 kids of families in Barangay Matiang in Bocaue, Bulacan who were relocated from a slum community in Tondo, Manila, hope came in the form of a school bag filled with school supplies. It is intended to boost the morale of the youngsters so as to keep their dreams of a better education alive in their hearts and within reach. A pencil, a notebook, a bag, all these symbolize the unending hope to have a better life through education. Bag 943, a social entrepreneurship venture,co-sponsored the event with two past recipients of the Jollibee Family Values Awards, Jollibee’s annual recognition for exemplary Filipino families. Anton Lim and Melissa Villa-Wilcox didn’t just come to give out bags that day. It is their way of encouraging children to study hard, believing that it is the only way our country can move forward. Jollibee Family Values Awardees   For veterinarian Anton Lim and his family, providing even the most basic needs to disadvantaged people are enough to bring them hope for a better future. Dr. Lim, who heads the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation, has been active in various charitable initiatives since 2010, helping to address...

Unilever Philippines Launches “Sure Ka Ba?”

Unilever Philippines is asking us a question “Sure Ka Ba?” , the equivalent of “Are You Sure?” in the vernacular. To what issue does this question pertain to? The answer: Safety of our Drinking Water. The Pureit “Sure Ka Ba?” Launch Last September 2nd, Unilever Philippines launched the Pureit “Sure Ka Ba?” Campaign, a water safety awareness initiative among household consumers. The company has long been working to be part of the solution about the ongoing problem in lack of availability of safe drinking water in many parts of the world or even in our own country for that matter. It should be noted that the United Nations Children’s Fund lists diarrhea, cholera, and typhoid fever as some of the deadly diseases that can be triggered by drinking contaminated water. As part of its ongoing effort to address this concern, Unilever has introduced Pureit Excella, an in-home, non-electric water purifier that converts tap water into clean and safe drinking water. Pureit has an advanced five-step purification process that eliminates 99.9999% of bacteria, viruses and parasites to meet the stringent safety standards of the US Environmental Protection Agency. Unilever also took the opportunity to introduce its two latest water purification devices namely the Marvella UV and the Marvella RO. During the launch, media guests watched a product demonstration showing the efficacy of Pureit in eliminating microscopic disease-causing germs and bacteria. The demonstration was conducted by the Unilever Research and Development team and a microbiologist from SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing, and certification company. Simply put, we got a first-hand confirmation of the fact that even in what appears...

Louise Mabulo: Master Chef in Training

Before anyone becomes a master in anything, rigorous training is required. This holds true in whatever field we choose to be in. A sixteen year old girl by the name of Louise Mabulo is doing just that as she prepares to compete in the upcoming Disciples de Escoffier Young Talent Trophy competition at Hongkong on September 8-9. This event will only be one of the many that will hone her skills and test her determination to join the ranks of chefs who have made their mark in the culinary industry. Louise is a Master Chef in waiting and in training. Who is Louise Mabulo? Many would probably remember Louise as a finalist in the Pinoy Junior Master Chef. She is very open with her love for cooking so it is of no surprise to those who know her that she is currently pursuing this passion through training. Although raised in the UK, she is very much a Filipino and is in fact now permanently based here. Her exposure to two entirely different cultures inspired her to fuse Philippine and international cuisine. Young as she is, she has been holding cooking demos and workshops and judging in prestigious culinary competitions held in universities and colleges in Manila. She is also a travel buff. And as if that isn’t enough, she is also into competitive archery.  It is clear that this young lady has carefully laid out her future for herself and knows perfectly well where she intends to go. The Way to Becoming a Master Chef How does a young chef like Louise join the ranks of the Master Chefs. Let’s...

DUP Romeo and Juliet: The # R < / 3 J Review

I have seen the story of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet interpreted so many times and in so many ways, I’ve lost count. Sometimes I feel I can no longer be surprised by another interpretation. Once again I was proven wrong when I watched Dulaang Unibersidad ng Pilipinas’ “#R</3J“, an entirely different take on this timeless masterpiece dubbed as a multimedial hallucination, using the spoken language of the young and the universal language of dance. The DUP 40th Season Opener Dulaang Unibersidad ng Pilipinas (DUP) opened its 40th Theatre Season with “R</3J“, directed by no less than DUP’s Artistic Director Dexter Santos. At first glance, it looks like an ambitious adaptation of a classic that is more identified with dialogue, flowery words, if you must. That can be a real challenge especially when trying to come up with a play that will appeal to the young, a generation that is admittedly not very known for its patience for “boring” stuff. The adaptation in itself was a challenge as admitted by Guelan Varela-Luarca, the person behind this incredible re-telling of the famous star-crossed lovers’ story.  Some Shakespeare lovers may find this interpretation unsettling if not sacrilegious. However, failing to watch the play may prove to be disadvantageous than not, particularly for those who realize that embracing the artistic path will not always be comfortable. Classic Story,Contemporary Twists Every interpretation of a classic will bank on its reliable formula consisting of a familiar story. Every attempt however to reinvent the story opens up opportunities for innovation and twists. DUP Romeo and Juliet #R</3J is a very good example of how a classic story is successfully...

Take Charge with China Bank MasterCard

Success favors those who take charge. This is what China Bank says as it introduces the China Bank MasterCard for its 95th anniversary. Successful people take charge of their lives and do not leave matters of importance like finances into the hands of fate. Having a credit card has many advantages in terms of trying to achieve financial goals. However, cardholders will always have to maintain control over its use to avoid being too far into debt more than one can manage. In short, there is a need for cardholders to take charge  in the very same manner that we need to in other aspects of our lives. China Bank MasterCard A credit card can be an important tool in trying to manage finances. Thus, it is essential that cardholders are allowed to strategize with a card that works with them rather than against them. In this regard, China Bank is offering the China Bank MasterCard with the following features: embedded with microprocessors and encryption keys to ensure top security and protection from fraud radio frequency identification, no signature required convenient payment methods through China Bank branches and China Bank online and mobile banking flexible payment terms and low add-on interest life insurance upon enrollment globally accepted in all retail outlets, ATMs, and online shopping sites worldwide with MasterCard logo reward for every swipe 2 Million Mabuhay Miles and Priceless New York Holiday Raffle Promo Launch China Bank made sure that it entered the credit card scene in a big way via the launch of the “2 million Mabuhay Miles and Priceless New York Holiday Package” raffle promo last September...

Honda Generation S Scooters Launched

Motorcycles and scooters are increasingly becoming popular as a means of transportation especially in our local streets known for heavy traffic and sometimes challenging terrain. While cars are still the most popular mode of transportation for private use, we have to admit that there are circumstances and areas where these two-wheeled motor vehicles are more practical to use. This is the very reason why Honda’s recent launch of its Gen-S scooters was warmly received by riders all over the country. Honda Generation S Honda Philippines, Inc. (HPI) , the leading motorcycle manufacturer in the country, launched Generation S – a new breed of responsible riders who choose and value Honda scooters for their revolutionary technology, innovative features and practicality. HPI President Daiki Mihara is especially proud of the scooters’ Smart Technology which works to enhance daily life through the positive impact on fuel savings, road safety, and care for the environment. The Honda Generation S scooters include the BeAT-Fi “Scooter for All”, the Click125i “Premium Scooter”, and the Zoomer-X “Unique Real Naked Scooter”. Honda Gen-S Scooter Parade and Festival The Generation S campaign was launched during the Honda Gen-S Scooter Parade and Festival held at the Blue Bay Walk in Pasay City. During the event, the Zoomer-X which is the third installment in Honda’s Gen-S scooters was unveiled. The BeAt-Fi, Click125i, and the Zoomer-X are all equipped with Smart Technology features including Enhanced Smart Power, Idling Stop System, and Combined Brake System.   During the whole-day event which was capped by the GEN S scooter parade, visitors were treated to exciting games and raffles, photo booths, live DJ and... read more


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