Why You Should Give Careful Attention to Bathroom Design

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Bathroom design is not usually a priority when a person or family envisions a dream house. Whether a house is intended to be occupied temporarily or permanently, giving careful attention to bathroom design definitely pays off. It is the most important room of any house, more important perhaps than the bedroom or kitchen.

Photo by Grace Madeline on Unsplash


Here are 3 reasons why you should give careful attention to bathroom design:



We Use the Bathroom Everyday

The bathroom is the only place we can do our personal hygiene activities and we do this every day of our lives, day in and day out, without fail. When the situation calls for it, one can sleep in the living room or cook in the backyard, without too much discomfort. The same cannot be said when we are forced to do bathroom activities in  a different part of the house. It would even be unthinkable for many and for good reason.

Bathroom design should be efficient. It should allow us to do what we need to do with ease and comfort. It should at the very least accommodate a toilet, sink or basin, and shower and/or bath tub. Quality bathroom fixtures like those seen in Bathroom City provide unlimited possibilities in achieving a fully functional bathroom to serve the needs of the house occupants.

Bathrooms Can Increase or Decrease Home Value

While the house exterior provides the initial impression, a sorry-looking bathroom might dampen the enthusiasm of any buyer. This is because the physical state of a bathroom can give a clue on how well a house is actually maintained by the owner. Bathroom renovations can be very costly especially if the problem goes deeper than tile color or replacing a sink that has seen better times. Plumbing issues is one challenge most home buyers shy away from, no matter how beautiful a home is.

It makes sense to update the look of a bathroom if you are planning to sell your home. A fresh-looking bathroom always adds points when it comes to home value. With such an advantage, you can be assured that you’ll get better offers so you can move on to your next dream house.

Bathrooms Create an Impression of You

Except for people close to us, house guests’ view of our home would usually be limited to the living room and bathroom. It would be rude to refuse a request to use the bathroom. A bathroom clearly in need of cleaning or repair, gives a more lasting negative impression than we would like it to have.

It can be a place of reprieve and relaxation for the owner, albeit a temporary one. Family members tend to disrupt sleep time in the bedroom more than bathroom time so take advantage of that. It is obvious therefore that whether we like it or not, the bathroom needs to be in tip-top shape at all times, guests or no guests.

My Say

There is something so unsettling about a bathroom not performing within its expected functionality. What we often ignore though is that it our bathroom woes can be a result of improper design planning and execution. Make sure that you do it right to avoid inconvenience and unnecessary expenses.

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