Why Is Technology Going To Save Us All?

If you are a fan of sci-fi stories, technology is portrayed as a blessing and a curse at the same time. Take for example the evil Cybermen and the life-changing sonic screwdriver for Doctor Who, the Death Star and Millennium Falcon in Star Wars… In other words, people are fascinated by technology and like to invent a future where technology could rule humanity. Their natural optimistic or pessimistic mind fills up the blanks, turning tech into an evil machine or a saviour of the world. In reality, you can ditch the sci-fi books, because technology is already here and it already has the potential to help mankind for the best. Not sure about that? Here’s why technology can be our savior:

Toyota Robot

#1. It Makes You More Valuable

Mastering the latest technology is key to secure a job. Indeed, companies are looking to recruit tech-savvy candidates who are not afraid of getting down to business with a software tool or a digital device. Consequently, it’s important that your resume mentions that you are tech-confident in your list of skills. Additionally, more and more career paths require candidates to be familiar with specific tools, such as MS words for an admin job or Google Analytics in the marketing team, for example. It may sound a little harsh to imply that it’s the knowledge of tech tools that makes you more employable. But in reality, as technology is an integral part of the office routine, knowing how to use it is essential to your work routine. Without technology, the marketing team couldn’t track valuable interactions, the business couldn’t present its services online, and customers couldn’t click to buy. In short, it’s an indispensable factor of the work life. The more you know it, the better suited you are for a company.

#2. It Provides A New Way Of Communicating

Communication is the art of conveying a message. Using technology as a means of transport, you can achieve a better outreach score and a higher form of engagement. How does it work? There are many ways in which technology can become a tool for communication. For instance, using social media is a way of sharing a message online to the rest of the world, which is the purest form of communication. But even in the classroom, you can maximize tech gadgets to help children experiment with new concepts, as explained in the online Master in Education Technology. Using iPads and software tools is a way of creating a draft area where students can practice their knowledge in a risk-free environment. Indeed, the time of writing the lesson in chalk on the blackboard is long gone. The school needs to train children to rely on current methods of communication.

#3. It Connects Us All

The Internet of Things is a wonderful concept that focuses on the data interactions been various points of the same system. The IoT is about using data from different sources together. Let’s say that you are using Uber. It’s the perfect example of an IoT service as it connects two independent sensors within one app, namely where you are and where the cab is and connects them together to make the ride happen. By developing the IoT to harvest more data from the world, you can benefit from services that are better tailored to your needs. Going for a jog now consists in using a fitness wristband that is connected to your smartphone so that you can track your performance and record the route. Then the route is shared via your social media platforms, which are connected to the tracking app. It’s a never ending circle of shared information that keeps people connected.

curiosity rover

#4. It Shows Us Bigger And Smaller Things

Technology has changed a lot of things in the world of science. For a start, surgeons can perform amazing operations, using robots to access the tiniest areas of the body safely. But looking at the bigger things, scientists can now send robots to explore entire planets safely. One of NASA’s interplanetary missions, the Curiosity Rover, was set to send the rover to Mars. It didn’t take long for it to discover evidence that Mars used to have water and a microbial life, which is more than any astronaut could have discovered.

#5. It Is Learning To Help You

Finally, technology has been enhanced with the addition of artificial intelligence, AI, that enables further learning to adapt to its situations and take informed decisions. Using a similar technique to the one designed for self-driving cars, AI can help visually impaired people to navigate their lives for the better. Indeed, using sensors, AI can run data-based processes, such as recognizing faces and words for example. That’s a real life improvement!

My Say

I have to admit that I am an old soul when it comes to matters of adapting new technology but I have come to realize there is no way but to learn and embrace it if the goal is to be “employable”. Technology, when put to good use is quite beneficial to its user. So yes, technology might just be able to save us all if we know how, where, when, and why to use it.

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