When Lifestyle Change Equals Wardrobe Change

For the longest time, I was dressing up like this – denim pants and a blouse or shirt. Being a work-at-home mom for about nine years now, I would have to say that such wardrobe choice served me well. It was comfortable, presentable enough (based on the circle I move in), and easy to maintain. And then I became a blogger who do not only get invited to events but also invited to partner with known brands…


From Ghostwriter to Blogger

I was purely a ghostwriter when I started writing. You know, the one who writes for other people, who never gets seen, who doesn’t have an identified opinion, and who doesn’t need an image to project. There was not much need to think about dressing-up in relation to writing. That was me, then. When I first started blogging under my own name, there actually wasn’t much change. The first event I got invited to was a family event and coming dressed up in the way I was accustomed to turned out suitable.

As I continued blogging however, the events in which I was getting invited to were getting more diverse. Some would directly require a dress code while others though not as strict, would never the less require more care in dressing up. I knew this lifestyle change equals wardrobe change. I was no longer the mom limited to three destinations – home, children’s school and the grocery. I became Teresay – the writer and blogger. I realized I needed to do gradual changes in my wardrobe.

Working Within Personal Circumstances

I decided to pursue this desired wardrobe change while working within my own personal circumstances. My writing and mom duties do not allow me the luxury of shopping or window-shopping any time I want or for how long it would take me to do it. Clothing budget is also limited since there are other family members to consider. Going for changes does not mean setting aside our responsibilities. We just need to learn how to go around it.

My constant exposure to online activity made me more accepting of online shopping. My initial fears were addressed as online shops became open to less risky forms of payment. So in between writing articles while resting , I would go over clothes offered in these shops and try to find those that I can consider in my goal to gradually build a working wardrobe befitting my particular lifestyle change. Of course, budget is always a major consideration.

Love for Dresses Resurrected

During my younger days, I strongly favored dresses over pants. I’ve always felt especially womanly when I wore them. Through time, practicality just took over and wearing dresses took a back seat. My innate love for dresses was resurrected when I was looking over the Zalora site this morning. These are some of the dresses that caught my attention. Judging from the many other options I have seen, I can say that Zalora is my go-to shop for dresses –

zalora dresses




My Say

Women, especially those like me who have many other priorities to think of other than our own wardrobe may feel guilty at times when we shop for ourselves. However, we must remember that we need to take care of ourselves and creating a wardrobe that suits our lifestyle is part of that.  It also gives us added confidence as we go about performing our daily activities. Lifestyle change may mean wardrobe change but it need not be costly and difficult with the right choices.

Part of the joy of being a woman is dressing the part.

Unsolicited Advice:

If bloggers want to be seen as professionals, we need to project that professionalism in the way we act, speak, write,and yes dress-up. Image matters and you better believe that. Under-dressing is usually safer than overdressing but to under-dress way too much  is  disrespectful to the event and the people who invited us.

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  1. I do feel guilty when I buy clothes sometimes!! I got off the shopping hook for months now. But, I give in once I need to get a new piece for an event.

    Anyway, I’ve tried shopping from Zalora too and I love the clothes there.

  2. I used to be less conscious before with what I wear, too. However, when I also started to attend blog events, I started to consider to look respectable. hahaha. Sometimes, on the other hand, I still wear what I want hahaha.

  3. How I wish I can attend blogging events and invites just like you do, Ms Teresa. It would have been more worthwhile if we share a day in an occasion like that. I am not that good in fashion and trendy clothes but I just wear something appropriate and comfortable. I can hardly see myself shopping online because I have the habit of trying on ( for many times) the clothes I wish to buy.

  4. I also regularly check designs of dresses on Zalora particularly those I can wear for work. What’s great is that I can replace it with something else if I’m not satisfied.

  5. Everyone really needs to invest in quality and appropriate clothing, even bloggers or those working from home. You’re on the right track. There are lots of online shops, but I go for those who allow merchandise to be returned or exchanged. Shopping online is quite tricky for clothes and though it may look good on the website, it may not do well when you have it on already.

  6. It is really important that we look good when attending events. What we wear doesn’t have to be pricey; as they say, ” nasa nagdadala naman yan.” 🙂

    I find online shops really helpful too! Browsing through sites is wayyy comfortable than walking in the mall or shops. I’ve never tried Zalora yet though. Maybe one day. 🙂

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