Unique Experiences in Ohio

One of the jewels of the Midwestern states, Ohio should sit high on anyone’s list when they plan a trip around the US. Comprising stunning cities and glorious landscapes, cultural highlights and adventurous activities, it’s a state complete and replete with attractions that’ll have you staying perhaps longer than you’d planned. For those looking to get something more out of their stay in Ohio state, here are a few ideas on how to extract a unique visit from your time here, exploring the forgotten or lesser-known sights to get a true image of the state, its cities, and its people.

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Aside from the usual range of shops both boutique and designer, Ohio boasts some unique spectacles when it comes to shopping around. Chief of them all, offering a very different experience to what happens in the mall, is found at Jungle Jim’s in Fairfield, where you’ll find nearly everything when it comes to groceries and foodstuffs from around the world, with enough decorative touches and flourishes in the form of hanging mannequins and antique vehicles to entertain as you wind through the endless rows of unique items.

Nature Trails

Ohio is a peaceful and delightful place to take a walk in the midst of natural surrounds – from the swaying pastures of The Wilds to the splashing Cedar Falls. Topping the list of unique natural walks though is the delicate river that sneaks through Mill Creek Park, Youngstown, with idyllic banks strewn with flowers and old water mills positioned sporadically along its length. Navigate raised wooden platforms at any time of the year, whether autumn leaves give the forest an orange-red hue, or the summer breeze blows through this tucked-away natural splendor.

Family Fun

There’s no end to the fun a family can have in Ohio’s wonderful cities, with all the usual hijinx available in terms of cinemas, bowling alleys, playgrounds and more. For something a little more unique, hit up the Escape Room in Cincinnati for Ohio’s most adrenaline-pumping activity, where you’ll be pitted against the clock to solve mysterious clues that all point towards your escape from the ‘locked room.’ Pool your group’s logical resources and work as a team or you’ll fall foul of the klaxon that announces you’ve run out of time, leaving you ‘locked’ away forever.

Museums and Culture

Ohio boasts some real spectacles when it comes to museums, with Dayton’s National Museum of the U.S. Air Force positioned for those looking to be wowed by the aviation and war history of America. Further into the oblique and oft-neglected, though, why not have a more unique experience by contemplating Portsmouth’s Floodwall Mural or Youngstown’s fascinating Butler Institute of American Art, where you’ll find some glorious examples of the nation’s talent tucked into a building that sadly rarely makes it in to the itinerary of visitors to this fine state.

My Say

Ohio is a state bursting with vitality and energy, with a welcoming populace who’re happy to show you around. Take these tips with you on your journey through Ohio to extract a unique experience from this beguiling state.

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