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The Search for the Best Father’s Day Gift

A week from today, fathers will again be the center of attention with the celebration of Father’s Day. With the celebration comes the time-honored tradition of gift-giving. With the tradition comes the more recently developed stress in relation to finding the best father’s day gift.

Suggested Gifts for Fathers Based on Interests

Since the term best gift is subjective and will vary depending on the receiver, here are some suggestions to make your search a lot easier.

The Home Body Dad

The Business Dad

The Sporty Dad

The Artsy Dad

The Traveler Dad

The Positively Vain Dad

The Sentimental Dad

All these gifts and more can be found at Gifts Less Ordinary, a site I recently discovered while doing my own search for the best father’s day gift.

Practical Gift-Giving Tips

  1. Always consider the preference of the recipient. Gift givers should not impose what they want if one is really interested in making the recipient happy.
  2. Do not buy a gift way beyond your budget. If the recipient cares for the giver, he will not impose something which will result to financial stress.
  3. Look for options if you have time at brick-and-mortar stores but also consider online stores for more shopping convenience.
  4. Have an open mind when looking at options. If you cannot find a gift specific to a recipient’s interest, find something related.
  5. Make gift-giving a pleasant experience. After all, a personal gift is something that should come from the heart.

My Say

I don’t know if other people feel the same way I do when it comes to gift-giving. The closer the recipient is to me, the more difficult it is to pick the right gift. There is the desire to make it perfect, even in the timing of giving it. I am only comforted with the thought that anything I give with careful consideration is acceptable to people close to me.

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