The Power Of Education

Education truly is a powerful thing. As we go through the years at school, we should start to understand this. Most of us will have realised how much we actually don’t want to be at school but education opens so many doors. You’d be silly to pass up the chance to constantly be learning, especially since jobs now prefer university graduates when it comes to picking people for job roles. So if you’re still questioning the power of education, then take a read of this article to find out how it has helped, and can help you.


Right from your very first day at nursery, education has helped you grow into who you are today. Before starting nursery, you wouldn’t have known how to interact with someone other than your family, and at that age will have no social skills. This is where education starts to build you as a person, rather than fill you with intellectual knowledge. You’ll learn the vital social skills that will help you all through your life, as well as learning the now simple tasks of talking, reading, and writing. You’ll then progress through school and learn the nitty-gritty of things and more complicated maths, english, etc. You’ll also learn important skills in terms of grammar and spelling which will really help you when it comes to getting a job. You can then progress onto university where you’ll nearly be at the highest level of education and will earn your degree. By now you should have all the skills you’ll need to get you by successfully in life.

The education doesn’t necessarily stop once you’ve started your career. A lot of jobs require ongoing training to make sure your skills are the best they can be. You may also find that you’d like to switch careers, but don’t necessarily have the required qualifications to do so. This is where education shows its power again. You could go from being a general office admin, to a career in business management just by doing one of the business management online degrees. Retraining is a great way of keeping your mind open and fresh. It can also lead to exciting new career opportunities that you might not have had beforehand.

Education is also so powerful in terms of changing how people see the world, There are so many serious issues going on at the moment, such as terrorism, and if people aren’t educated to what’s going on, they could be in danger. Even the dangers of gang violence on the streets needs to be educated to children to stop them from getting involved. It’s easy for them to get stuck into the life of gang life if they aren’t educated to the dangers. Without the education to the world in things such as global warming, climate change would be much worse than it is at the minute. Because of the education given to people such as car manufacturers and the aviation industry, the pollution level is slowly dropping.

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Through education, we’re changing the world.

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