The Evolution of Food Delivery Service

Food delivery service has come a long way from its original form. What started out as a volunteer service borne out of war-time necessity is now a big-time industry catering to people’s preference for convenience, variety, and fast service. At present, food delivery service is part and parcel of the food and restaurant industry especially in food establishments’ bid to come out ahead of their competitors.

Image Source: flickr/quinn.anya
Image Source: flickr/quinn.anya

Food Delivery Service Background

The early forms of food delivery were mostly done by the Women’s Voluntary Services of  UK to servicemen and people affected by war and otherwise home-bound for some reason such as sickness and existing physical danger. This service was soon seen in the US and other countries as well. Food delivery service however branched out to a more profitable nature and nothing benefited from its potentials more than the food and restaurant industry.

Food Order by Phone

Soon enough, restaurants were advertising their offered food fare on television, radio, flyers, and many other forms with an offer to deliver for free. This brought the competition among restaurants to a different level. It was no longer merely a choice of food and ambiance but who could serve the customers’ food needs without having to leave home or the office, or wherever they want the food delivered.

Online Food Delivery

Ready access to the Internet paved the way for the latest innovation in food delivery service – online food delivery. Customers can browse through the available options, providing almost unlimited food choices such as those seen in foodpanda. Customers can get their app to search restaurants and order food online directly from their mobile or tablet device. The advantage of using an online tool like it is that customers don’t need to go to different websites to look for food choices and contact details for delivery. This does not only saves time. Reliable online food services also remove the worry from having unexpected visitors to feed as well as having to stay late at work. No one has to go hungry for such unexpected events.

My Say

Whether we like it or not, we are living in a fast-paced world where even food has to be served fast and with the least trouble. While it will always be ideal to eat home-cooked food, it is very reassuring that the food delivery service is there when it is needed. The best thing about it is that choices are no longer limited. The online food delivery option just made it a lot more convenient.

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  1. While I would always prefer something prepared fresh at home, I can’t help but be grateful as well with food delivery. I am also happy with how it has evolved through the years. Establishments have been making a lot of extra efforts to make the service more convenient for customers. I just have some reservations with third-party delivery service providers …… for some reason, I find this one not practical.

    1. That is just how it is. What is practical for some may not be for others. The important thing is to know all options available so we would know that there is one such option that will not require us to call several hotlines if we prefer to order food prepared by different food establishments.

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