Setting Attainable Savings Goals

Having funds stacked up safely for some rainy day ahead forms part of any persons’s dream for comfortable independence. More popularly known as savings, setting up these funds can appear to be impossible for many. The secret lies in setting attainable savings goals to ensure that you are not bound to fail from the very […]

What to Do with Christmas Money Gifts of Our Children

Christmas gift giving for kids are becoming more and more practical nowadays. Along with this perspective in giving gifts, money has become one of the ready and easier options to choose, at least on the side of the gift-giver. Without the need to fall in long lines to shop, gift givers provide children-recipients the chance […]

The Three Golden Rules of Sound Finances

There are three golden rules of sound finances. Following these rules will ensure that you will be able to maintain a healthy financial status for life. They are not exactly easy to do but there is absolutely no question that they can be done. Image Source: Income Minus Savings Equals Expense You read it right. […]