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Comics collection is an entirely different world of interest in itself.  It is not entirely unheard of however to merge one hobby with another.  Merging interests on stamps and comics is one good example.

Stamp Collecting and Comic Book Collecting

Collecting stamps and comic books are two of the most popular hobbies in the world although the latter is a fairly later addition to the list.  Both have major followings in terms of organizational support and practicing enthusiasts.  Connecting the two hobbies is usually not automatic since stamp collectors are often thought of as having serious temperaments as compared to the expected fun-loving stance of comics collectors.

This is not a valid generalization since temperaments cannot be strictly tied up to a particular hobby.  In spite of their obvious differences, both hobbies are pursued for more or less the same reasons.  These include appreciation, collection completion, personal significance or nostalgia and profit.

Similarities Between Stamp Collecting and Comic Books Collecting

Aside from the obvious similarity that both stamps and comics are prolifically collected by many, there are other marked similarities between the two.  One of these is the great anticipation in their first issues.  Like other collecting hobbies, there is much emphasis on rarity, historical value, and the subject as portrayed in stamps and comics.  While stamps would probably be featuring a national figure or a world event, the comics worlds will be all agog with the introduction of a new nemesis or the reinvention of the main character.

As both are typically made of paper, the care that is required to keep them in good condition is also quite similar.  Both are best stored in cool, dark places and away from direct sunlight to avoid fading or “yellowing” of the paper.  Both are also subject to creases which can result to lessened value.  It is highly advised to store stamps and comics in acid free storage bags and albums.

The Crossover

Comics characters have recently been gaining much exposure via blockbuster movies such as “The Avengers” and the “The Dark Knight Rises”.  Stamp designers picked up this idea and provided their finished products through limited edition stamp issues.  This move effectively targeted two groups – the stamp collectors and the comic books collectors.  Movie buffs might have been unintentionally targeted along the way.

These Limited Edition issues provided in eye-catching presentations and packaging rarely fail in its objective, relying on the genuine interest of collectors and ingenious marketing  and promotional methods.  The Avengers Pack featured here includes 3 artprints, 7 biodata and stamp sheets of the Avengers characters, 1 credit card USB flashdrive, and unreleased movie stills.  Clearly, the contents seek to cater to people of varying interests and not stamp collectors only.

My Say

Points to Consider:

1.  A product can be reinvented many times over to reveal a new aspect that will trigger further interest and sales.

2.  Two existing products can be combined in one that will benefit both.

3.  Hobbies continue to evolve over time  thus providing more reason for long-time enthusiasts to persevere in their chosen interests.

Stamps and comics blend well enough to make collecting both a possibility.



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  1. It used to puzzle me what made people collect stamps (and coins too). Now I realize the value their collectors put on them. I can relate with the comic books and posters, my mother used to nag me about them, garbage, as she would call them lol. She didn’t understand how important they were to me.

  2. Drats! I remember I used to have a stamp collection back when I was a kid with stamps from different countries we visited back then and those sent to me by my uncle and cousins. I can’t seem to find it anymore. Sigh!

  3. Great views on comic and stamps. I do agree that for generations, many people are engage in this collecting as their coping mechanism from boredom and I myself is a witness to that since I collect list or we say top 10 list of anything. I might say, I’m just bored and comes fascinated by collecting lists. 🙂

  4. I once got a collection of stamps. But unfortunately, it all caught up during the Ondoy tragedy.. Since then, I never got the interest of collecting again..

  5. “Stamps and comics blend well enough to make collecting both a possibility.” This is actually true. My Kuya actually owns both. And as far as one’s temperament is concerned, Kuya actually shows a more fun-loving persona. 🙂

  6. I used to collect stamps… i even had a DIY Starbucks cup decorated with stamps. I lost it though, good thing I still have my stamp book with me. Don’t know if I will ever resume collecting

  7. Stamps collecting was very inviting when I was a kid for I used to see an album of my cousins. What I like most from the stamps is the different places, different kinds of flowers, and the historical value portrayed in the stamp. Later I learned that philately is more than a stamps collecting. Well in comics reading, I was contented with local komiks though I had several times to read Marvel Comics like Batman, Superman and other super heroes.

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