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Simple and Inexpensive Bathroom Updates for the Home

Simple and inexpensive bathroom updates for the home can be done by homeowners to prevent the early deterioration of the most commonly used area  in any house. Bathrooms are subject to continuous wear and tear especially since they are used frequently on a daily basis. Homeowners need not wait for a bathroom to look tired and uninspired. With a little creativity and budget-conscious choices, bathroom looks can be maintained year in and year out.

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When is it Time to Update a Bathroom Look?

There is absolutely no question about the need for bathroom renovation and remodeling when it can no longer be used comfortably by the homeowners. The usual concern about a bathroom is its size especially in the home of a growing family. In the usual course of bathroom use however, concerns may include faulty plumbing, permanently stained and chipped tiles, and an over-all appearance that homeowners would rather not see if only there is any other bathroom that can be used. This will most probably require the services of professionals since there is no other way to go in major renovations.

For homeowners that are just looking into ways to update the look of their bathrooms without any disruptive works required, there are a lot of quick and uncomplicated design options that can be done. Before any aesthetic updating is done however, it is very important to check on the general condition of the bathroom as well as its underlying fixtures. Nothing can be more frustrating than to have a recent bathroom update destroyed because of leaks and other conditions that need professional attention.

Simple and Inexpensive Bathroom Updates

1. Make interesting color choices

Paint can do wonders for any area of the house. For bathrooms that are still in excellent physical condition, a simple change of wall color can provide an entirely new perspective for the homeowners. Maybe it is about time to opt for bolder wall colors instead especially if the tiles and fixtures are in neutral colors that can accommodate the contrast. Wallpaper is another option to be considered.

2. Replace outdated and non-functioning fixtures

Nothing dates a bathroom more than non-functioning fixtures such as faucets and sinks as well as vanities that have clearly outlived their glory days. There are things that increase in beauty through time but bathroom fixtures rarely fall into this category because of the constant exposure to water and moisture. Sometimes, it only takes a change in cabinet handles or a shift to more current faucet and shower fixtures to freshen up the look of the entire bathroom. Anything broken will have to be replaced.

3. Consider small design details

The small design details are what makes a bathroom or any room for that matter unique and pleasurable to look at and use.  New rugs, shower curtains, window curtains or even wall display fit for bathrooms instantly add dazzle to a boring old look. A variety of colourful toilet seats are available in the market to provide interest on one of the most neglected but often used part of the bathroom.

4. Update lighting fixtures

Lighting can transform almost instantaneously the look of a bathroom. It can also create a desired feel or atmosphere. Assorted candles are likewise good options for specific lighting effects. This might be a good time to consider shifting togreenlighting options.

5. Add, remove, or change bathroom furniture

Storage furniture is quite useful in the bathroom to place towels, toiletries, and other bathroom essentials in. Those that have become too small or too big for bathroom use should be replaced. Space and functionality are the necessities of a fully functioning bathroom.



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  1. One of my fave places in a house is the bathroom. Updating such is one we don’t usually do since we thought that it is just a bathroom. Great tips you have here. Color choices and lighting fixtures are important.

  2. These tips are so helpful especially those who want to transform their bathroom. We also happened to transform our bathroom from boring and dull into something cool. We made it all blue from the painting to tiles and even the things in the bathroom are all blue except for the shower and faucet. 😀

  3. Bathrooms are sometimes overlooked when designing the home when it should be one of the most important facets. Ours are quite small in proportion to our house because I forgot to take that into account. It would be nice to do a makeover in the future to include new lighting and add some storage options.

  4. I guess in our case we totally need to update our lightings in the bathroom something that has a more romantic effect and relaxing in the eyes when we soak in the bath tub!

  5. I’ve always wanted a more modern, updated bathroom but of course, since I’m still living with my parents, it won’t be possible for me to do so >.< Maybe when I have my own place na, I'll make sure to make my own bathroom look posh 🙂

  6. good tips here Teresa, proper Lighting is a big factor to keep one’s bathroom maintains a fresher look. Add to this, it is best that all bathroom fixtures are in good running condition.

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