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Saleduck PH Makes Online Shoppers Happy with Coupons

What comes to your mind when you hear the word coupon? Savings perhaps, good deals, discounts, freebies, sale? Well, all of these can be related to coupons.  Do you know that there is one site that aims to make online shoppers happy specifically through delivering the most discounts and sales offers to online consumers?

The name is Saleduck.


Saleduck is a very interesting online coupon and deals platform so let us try to understand more about the coupon industry. What benefit can we derive from using coupons? Let’s find out.

Forms of Coupons

Coupons, as most of us know, are tickets or documents that can be redeemed to get discounts or rebates whenever a consumer purchases a product. Pictures of consumers cutting coupons from newspapers and magazines readily come to mind. However, this is just one of the many ways people can get desired discounts through coupons.

With the introduction of the Internet, coupons are being sent to emails, solicited through mobile apps, and offered through social media. Online retailers are offering coupons through promotional codes, discount vouchers, and other similar terms. All these, though presented in different forms seek to achieve the same end. This is to convince consumers faced with a good number of choices, to buy a particular product because of the resulting lower price. Obviously, this is simple competition between sellers where consumers come out as the beneficiary.




Saleduck was formerly known as Bridge Marketing B.V. It was registered as a Dutch private limited company in Amsterdam on September 2010. Aspirations for international presence commenced with the launching of Saleduck Switzerland in February 2015.


It re-branded as Saleduck in June 2015 to adopt a corporate-wide brand. The symbol it chose to use consists of a duck inside a pair of yellow and blue coupon tags. Saleduck opened its business in Asia in February 2016.



Saleduck PH

On August 1, 2016, Saleduck PH was launched. It caters to online shoppers in the Philippines. It has partnered with many big webshops like Zalora and Lazada to bring the best discounts available online. Using the platform is really very easy. All the customer needs to do is to go to any of the participating webshops in the Saleduck site, find the promo code and use it.


Coupon offers are segregated into categories to make searching easier. Online search for the best deal can also be done through shops since participating webshops are arranged alphabetically. Click on Latest Discounts to find recommended coupon deals. The most popular categories in the Philippines are travel and fashion. Based on the exciting deals I’ve seen so far, I can truly understand why.


My Say

Saleduck’s vision is to make online shoppers happy by providing the best deals through coupons. The vision is very simple yet spot-on. Consumers will always be the on the lookout for discounts and special promos. There is the unmistakable satisfaction of knowing that we get more value for our money when we are able to buy anything for a lower price, with no difference in quality and quantity.

Is the Philippines ready for online couponing? Of course it is, so go ahead and try it. Make sure to check out Saleduck.com.ph so you can be one happy online shopper.

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  1. I’m a big fan of couponing. It helps stretch out the budget and because of the extra discount offered, you get to use that savings to buy for another item or two.

  2. this would be a great opportunity to buy something without paying the whole retail price. I’m sure online shoppers like me would take advantage of these coupons.

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