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The true state of our health is reflected not only in the orderly function of our inner bodily systems but also the condition of what can be seen from the outside. It would be difficult to claim to be in good health by merely presenting excellent laboratory test results while exhibiting sluggishness, blotchy skin, and dull hair. Neither is it correct to claim the same based on external beauty alone while having to suffer unexplained pain or even discomfort. In short, we have to radiate health inside and out to proclaim ourselves as healthy. In this regard, Conzace has much to offer.

The Face of Conzace

It is obviously difficult to approximate the offered benefits of something that we take in our bodies. Always, we look for an external proof that it is actually doing as good. That is the very reason why companies have to choose carefully who will best represent the brand. Consumers tend to automatically associate endorsers with the brand. United Laboratories Inc. (UNILAB), recently welcomed multi-talented actor Ian Veneracion as the new ambassador of its multivitamin brand Conzace.

According to Conzace assistant product manager Mike Jimenez, the addition of Veneracion is a perfect match for the brand. “Ian is the epitome of superior immunity and good looks,” he says. Jimenez elaborates on the actor and the product’s connection. “Conzace’s clinically-proven ZACE formulation, an acronym for Zinc, Vitamins A, C, and E, makes it the number one multivitamin and minerals product prescribed by General Practitioners and Dermatologists. The same can be said about our brand ambassador, Ian, whose credibility allows him to ace his craft with one successful teleserye and movie after another.”

Facts About Conzace

  • Conzace is the only Multivitamin Brand in the country that has the unique formulation of 25mg Zinc, 5,000 IU Vitamins A, 500mg Vitamin C and 100IU E.
  • Conzace has the highest levels of Zinc, Vitamins A, C and E combined versus other multivitamins in the market.
  • Conzace is the number 1 prescribed Multivitamins + Mineral brand by General Practitioners and Dermatologists.
  • Conzace’s unique formulation creates a synergistic effect that is clinically proven to provide top Immunity through the following:
    ZACE help in the production and multiplication of white blood cells, strengthening one’s immunity
    ZACE helps white blood cells eliminate foreign microbes including viruses, germs and bacteria which cause sicknesses
  • Each of the ZACE molecules in Conzace contributes in providing healthy skin and hair.
    Zinc: Assists in proper structure of proteins and cell membranes, improves wound healing
    Vit A: Maintains normal skin health by reducing bacterial numbers in both the ducts and skin surface
    Vit C: Helps in Collagen production to improve Skin Regeneration
    Vit E: Protects tissue from free radicals through its Antioxidant propertiesAs the brand ambassador of Conzace, Ian Veneracion is the epitome of superior Immunity and Good Looks, as he exudes a composed confidence and stays free from sickness despite his busy schedule.

The ZACE Effect

As the brand ambassador of Conzace, Ian Veneracion is the epitome of superior Immunity and Good Looks, as he exudes a composed confidence and stays free from sickness despite his busy schedule. People born in the late ‘70s would remember Veneracion as the cute and charming Jeffrey Laperal, the son of Joey de Leon in the 1982 sitcom ‘Joey and Son.’ Now at 42, Veneracion has again endeared himself to today’s generation as Engineer Antonio “Anton” Noble IV, the dashing, separated with three kids guy who falls in love with another broken soul. And of course before, as Eduardo Buenavista in the 2015 remake of ‘Pangako Sa Yo,’ the role that regained Veneracion’s fame and his career to leading man stature. And then there’s that totally different side of Veneracion that is separate from showbusiness. Apart from being an actor, he is also a painter, an athlete, a pilot, a chef, and a family man—the last being his favorite role to play.

Veneracion, speaking from experience, explains it better: “It’s the little things that we don’t normally notice, like for example, stronger resistance against colds and flu, better and clearer skin, shinier and healthier hair. It will do amazing things; you can do more and be more for yourself, for your family, for your work without being disrupted. “I believe that if you are healthy inside, it just comes out. It reflects physically—in your hair and in your skin. And in the line of job that I am in, it is quite important that I don’t just don’t look good but really be healthy,” Veneracion concludes.

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My Say

Whoever doesn’t want to feel good about himself isn’t exactly being straight-forward. Of course, we all want to have stronger immunity and good looks. While there is not one single product that can do everything, Conzace, with its highest levels of ZACE combined provides a synergistic level that is clinically proven to boost immunity that will help us radiate health inside and out.

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