Proven Homeopathic Remedies for Neuropathy

It is not easy to deal with the symptoms of neuropathy, such as pain and numbness. This usually spreads to the legs and even the arms which can affect body coordination. The lack of coordination sometimes can lead to someone falling which in itself is a symptom that can lead to an injury.

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Regular Exercise

Controlling blood sugar level is important especially when someone already has started developing neuropathy symptoms. Regular exercise helps one to achieve this. Therefore, exercising can reduce the pain and help with the peripheral neuropathy.

Doing the exercises regularly is also proved to strengthen the muscles, bones and the joints in the body. Everyone has a suitable exercise for them. Remember to consult a doctor to advice on the best to help with the circulation of blood within the body.

Essential Oils

These oils help with the circulation of blood when you use them to massage the body. If you are looking for something that can boost your healing then essential oils is appropriate because they contain anti-inflammatory properties and are also pain relievers.

Tingling pains and stinging symptoms can be reduced by applying the oils to the areas affected directly and massaging. Some of the oils that can be used include lavender oil which is known for its properties that relieves stress and calm nerves and castor oil.


The body’s pressure points can be stimulated by the process of acupuncture that promotes natural healing. The experience of the pain felt in the body can be changed when chemicals are released because the nervous system is triggered through this technique.

To reduce the neuropathy symptoms requires needles to be inserted in various parts of the body. It takes time and a number of these sessions to notice any improvements. Ensure sterilized needles are used. It is highly recommended that a professional perform the sessions.

Quit Smoking

There are numerous neuropathy complications that are brought by smoking cigarettes. One of these is risking having foot problems and mostly it due to lack of enough blood circulation. Smoking affects the functioning of the body immediately just like alcohol does as it affects most parts of the body.

It is advisable to quit smoking immediately because you are likely to develop kidney disease. Do not give the kidneys more stress with toxins from smoking that interfere with the circulation. When that happens, less oxygenated blood results to narrowed blood vessels because of the toxins.

Care for the Feet

Good foot care is recommended by doctors as soon as you start feeling nerve pains. Infections, impaired sensation and injuries are symptoms of the nerve pain in some people. Apart from just seeing a podiatrist on a regular basis, ensure that you pamper your feet by wearing comfortable shoes and socks and examining them daily, hence reducing the risks.

In case of any injury or wound, make sure that you see a doctor however minor it may seem to you. Always check for skin damages on hands or feet for signs and symptoms. According to the American Diabetes Association, diabetic neuropathy prevention and treatment, skin care and foot care are very important.

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