Online Degree Programs for Adults

Many adults today are looking for ways to finish their studies or add a second degree to their qualifications without disrupting their family and work schedules.  The traditional way of studying severely limits the learning opportunities of adults in this kind of situation.  Fortunately, there are now other options available to them such as the […]

Smart Money Management Through Frugal Living

The mere mention of the word frugality sometimes automatically connotes some form of sacrifice or deprivation.  In truth, frugal living is about making smarter choices in relation to the management of goods that are consumable such as food, money , and time,  However, money management remains to be the primary concern when aiming to achieve […]

The Wonderful World of Coin Collecting

The Hobby of Kings- such was what coin collecting was known during the Renaissance times. The reference was quite apt because the hobby indeed required considerable investment which can only be afforded by wealthy people.  From around the 14th century when contemporary coin collecting is believed to have started up to the 18th century, the […]

Stamps as Personal or Corporate Gifts

Gift-giving is the ritual of transferring something to another person without expecting any form of payment.  The expectation of reciprocity however is quite common although it is not absolute.  Some people simply revel in the joy of gift-giving  and those who disallow it in their lives whether for practicality or some other reason may just […]

A New Way of Life in Cooperative Banking

A cooperative is a voluntary and autonomous association people who decide to come together for the purpose of gaining mutual benefits that may be economic, social, or cultural in nature.  The operation of any cooperative is based on at least seven cooperative principles including voluntary and open membership, democratic member control, economic participation by members, […]

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