Footwear and Foot Health

In the determination of over-all health, the feet seldom makes it to the top of the checklist for physical examination.  It is a fact that the feet are the most overlooked outer part of the body probably because they are usually covered.  People often forget that the feet perform one of the most difficult functions […]

Driving Education

If people think that learning to drive is simply about making a vehicle run on the streets, they better think again. Driving does not merely cover the act of holding the steering wheel.  More than anything else, driving is also steering the vehicle to its destination without hurting anyone or producing damage to property.  In […]

Hobbies in Relation to Health and Lifestyle

Hobbies in relation to health and lifestyle are not considered often enough by many. The hobbies of people are often reflected in everyday life whether consciously or unconsciously.  A person’s genuine interest naturally spills of to the home, the work area, and even in personal belongings.   This is because hobbies are pleasurable activities engaged in on a regular […]

Appreciating Art Through Art Exhibitions

For most people who are not really into arts, an art exhibit will probably be the farthest idea for an afternoon leisure activity.  Art is often seen as an impractical endeavor, done merely to be looked at and beautify an empty space.  For artists however, their work is often the visual representation of what they […]

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