Formula One Challenge

And so another race was finished with the announcement of Sebastian Vettel as the winner in the just concluded Formula One Singapore Grand Prix amidst fireworks and much jubilation.  For people whose lifestyle does not include it or whose interest in it is quite nil, Formula One or F1 may be just another event in […]

Legally Downloaded Entertainment

Many sites over the Internet offer supposedly free and legal download of movies, television shows, games, and music.  Making an illegal download may result to negative consequences for the person who made the download whether or not he or she knows it.  It is always wise to check the legality of the site and its […]

Footwear and Foot Health

In the determination of over-all health, the feet seldom makes it to the top of the checklist for physical examination.  It is a fact that the feet are the most overlooked outer part of the body probably because they are usually covered.  People often forget that the feet perform one of the most difficult functions […]

Driving Education

If people think that learning to drive is simply about making a vehicle run on the streets, they better think again. Driving does not merely cover the act of holding the steering wheel.  More than anything else, driving is also steering the vehicle to its destination without hurting anyone or producing damage to property.  In […]

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