Hobbies in Relation to Health and Lifestyle

Hobbies in relation to health and lifestyle are not considered often enough by many. The hobbies of people are often reflected in everyday life whether consciously or unconsciously.  A person’s genuine interest naturally spills of to the home, the work area, and even in personal belongings.   This is because hobbies are pleasurable activities engaged in on a regular […]

Appreciating Art Through Art Exhibitions

For most people who are not really into arts, an art exhibit will probably be the farthest idea for an afternoon leisure activity.  Art is often seen as an impractical endeavor, done merely to be looked at and beautify an empty space.  For artists however, their work is often the visual representation of what they […]

The Evolution of Postcards

Evolution of Postcards The evolution of postcards is an interesting story of a popular hobby that grew out of one way of human communication and interaction. Did you know that sending postcards is considered a pastime by many people? Apparently, there are even frequent travelers who take time to send postcards to themselves from the places […]

The Vegan Lifestyle

The Vegan lifestyle is not quite easy to understand. Veganism is more commonly defined as the practice of abstaining from consumption of animal products.  Upon deeper inquiry , we will find out that it is not merely a diet.  For some, it is a belief, a religion,or a lifestyle.  As the strictest form of vegetarianism, […]

How People Pay for Sleep Debt

People who consistently do not get enough sleep eventually incur sleep debt which they may need to pay at the cost of their health if not properly addressed.  Depending on the degree of sleep deprivation, humans will experience different physical, psychological, and emotional manifestations that will tell them that they are not getting enough sleep.  […]

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