Increase Savings While Reducing Vices

People are always talking about saving more for a rainy day or for the future while not paying much attention to what is preventing this from happening.  There may not be so many ways around essential expenses but there are certainly lots of ways to  turn one’s back on unnecessary ones.  By reducing or even […]

Leisure Traveling

What is leisure travel?  It is simply traveling for the purpose of relaxation and vacation to remove one’s self from the daily stress of domestic and work life.  It is to be differentiated from work travel which entails continued performance of work responsibilities regardless if the place of destination make it easy to forget such […]

Art as Therapy

Can looking at, doing, or being surrounded by art provide any therapeutic benefit to a person undergoing difficulties in life whether physical or psychological?  This is what art therapy is supposed to give.  Art therapy is currently being applied on children, teens, young adults ,and the elderly in varying circumstances and conditions. Art as Therapy […]

Fruitarianism – the Original Diet on Earth?

Fruits are said to be the original food on earth.  Whether such thinking is due partly to the apple’s role in Adam and Eve’s story or because of the obvious result of deductive thinking  since fruits can naturally be picked from trees and eaten without cooking, the role of fruits in man’s diet is a […]

Preserving the Past through Scrapbooking

Photo albums have always been a good way to create personal memories from pictures.  However, scrapbooks are more able to provide a story behind the pictures as other mementos and design features are freely incorporated into completing them.  Scrapbooking has attracted enthusiasts of varying backgrounds which just proves that creating memories and the desire to preserve the past […]

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