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Rightly or wrongly, our style in dressing precedes us even before we have the chance to speak and make ourselves known. In fact, dressing well is often said to be a form of good manners. It shows respect for the people we will be interacting with, for the event that we will be attending, or simply to manifest self-respect. It says we have taken the time and the effort to look our best. But in this very busy world we live in, time (or the lack of it) is our common enemy.

Let me tell you about Moon Shop PH, an online shopping site for party,office, and casual dresses, as well as accessories. It has helped me resolve issues about not having the time to shop at physical stores. More importantly, it guarantees a full refund if I do not get the ordered item as presented on their site. As many online shoppers would know, not everything seen online is what is actually delivered.


Moon Shop PH

Moon Shop PH was launched after the success of its sister company Moon Shop UAE which was in turn launched 2 years ago.  It experienced incredible success with a live customer base of over 3,000. The fact that 75-80% of its customers are Filipinos makes the creation of Moon Shop PH a natural step forward.

Thus, 4 weeks ago, Moon Shop PH became live and ready to take in and deliver orders. Women who know quality product when they see one would be happy to note that all their products are designed in Korea or Vietnam. All products are manufactured in Vietnam under strict supervision. This should explain why their prices are a bit higher compared to its competitors. As we all know, quality comes with a reasonable price.

Moon Shop Products

Moon Shop PH offers quality products including:




Casual Dresses



Office Wear



Evening Wear



Handmade Accessories


These romantic handcrafted accessories are currently available through the Moon Shop UAE site.

Delivery and Returns

At present, delivery within the Philippines is free. Request for refund or exchange must be done within 7 days. Items must be unused and returned in the same condition that it was received. As mentioned earlier, refunds are applicable but only if the item is not as described in the website.

My Say

We never get a second chance to create a first impression, so they say. We can go on the whole day discussing about how the inner self is more important than what we wear (which I personally believe is true). However, there is the reality that most people judge us based on how they see us. These are the people who don’t know us personally but see us as we go about our life at work, in the community, and all the other social circles we are part of.

It is my opinion therefore that dressing well within the our means and our personal style preferences is necessary. The psychological impact of the right dress cannot be overrated. A simple, quality, and carefully thought-of dress is like an armor of confidence that we can use to land that dream job or encourage more customers to patronize our business. Of course, any success we accomplish through our personal appearance should be followed through by real capabilities.

It makes sense to dress well not only to address other people’s perception of us, but also to make us feel good about ourselves. Browse through Moon Shop PH catalog. I’m sure you’ll find many that will appeal to your personal style.

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