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Leisure Travel

Traveling as a Lifestyle

What is leisure travel?  It is simply traveling for the purpose of relaxation and vacation to remove one’s self from the daily stress of domestic and work life.  It is to be differentiated from work travel which entails continued performance of work responsibilities regardless if the place of destination make it easy to forget such responsibilities.

What is Leisure?

The time spent by people away from work, business, compulsory education, and domestic tasks are said to be used for leisure.  Leisure therefore connotes some form of derived pleasure from performing the activity.  Anything forced is not leisurely done and thus does not qualify as a leisurely activity.

Because personal responsibilities are inevitably tied to the home and workplace, the initial reaction is always to go travel and take luxurious trips and tours to a place which is far from pressing responsibilities.  It should be a place where beauty, serenity, and relaxing activity are found. Leisure traveling is closely tied with the desire for regeneration and healing.

Beauty in nature fills the soul.


Nature in its unaltered state is the most beautiful.  As people bring themselves closer to it, the more benefits are derived.  This is because the beauty that nature offers goes beyond the superficial.  Even works of art with nature themes offer benefits in its transformed state.

It is no wonder then that travelers go to great lengths to reach places of renowned beauty and revel in discovering previously unknown places of interest.  The number one requirement of a leisure travel is a place of destination that offers quiet and natural beauty. Action-packed destinations may be fun but the level of required excitement to enjoy may be such  as to make enjoyment more of a chore rather than a natural result of seeing the place.

Peace and tranquility in being close to nature


A leisure traveler usually desires peace and serenity which cannot be readily provided by their place of origin. They usually have to travel thousands of  miles away to detach themselves from the worries they carry,  The pricier resorts are usually found in rather secluded and private areas  because this is where the desired quietness resides.

One of the major causes of physical and psychological ailments is stress.  Stress is present everywhere but most particularly in the very places and circles where people regularly move.  This reality has spawned the industry of healing travel where travelers expect to be healed more than anything else.

Leisurely activities are done because they are enjoyed and not because they are required and recorded.

Leisurely Activity

Doing absolutely nothing during a vacation simply does not work for everybody.  Leisure travel can be used to discover great and historical sites.  It can also be used as a time for pampering one’s self with offered services of health resorts .  It is a time to do activities that will encourage bodies to function and work properly such as exercising and yoga. Yoga offers the additional benefit of psychological and emotional betterment.

These activities will work towards the achievement of wellness goals if the effort is done in a leisurely pace at the traveler’s convenience.  There must be a way of continuing these activities in a reasonable level even when vacationers have come back to their homes.  Although the main objective of a leisure travel is to provide a break from stress, it would be a lot better if it could be the catalyst for a complete overhaul of an unhealthy lifestyle.

My Say

It has been observed that the line that separates leisure travel from health travel is getting less and less defined. The desire to “get away from it all” even temporarily offers a respite that makes it possible for people to rejuvenate and recover when they go travel to another place.  Tours and trips will always be available for leisure travelers but if these options prove impossible, then it is time to find options nearer to home.

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