Laws and Campaigns Help Reduce Smoking

In studies about the impact of different regulations and policies on healthcare systems across the globe, Hofstra Law found that there are a number of notable cases where even the smallest change in regulation, or a campaign directed towards a certain health issue, can actually make a big impact. One of the cases reviewed by the university’s Healthcare Law Degree department is cigarette smoking. Ever since regulations were put in place to ban cigarette advertising, for example, the number of new smokers has dropped substantially.

The introduction of cigarette packs with health hazards displayed prominently has also made a big impact, especially in certain countries such as Australia. The visible pack displays declined by a whopping 15% in the first year alone, while the active smoking rate dropped by 23% almost immediately.

You can find out more about laws regarding tobacco cigarettes as well as other cases of healthcare regulations from the full infographic, How Health Law and Policy Changes Affect Public Consumption Habits by Hofstra Law.

How Health Law and Policy Changes Affect Public Consumption Habits

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Prevailing laws and campaigns continue to help reduce smoking by discouraging people to do it even before they develop the habit. It is no secret that when it comes to health matters, prevention is always better than cure. Requiring pertinent warnings to be placed on packages and even visual representations through pictures as seen on campaign materials all drive to the point of informing consumers of what they are possibly getting themselves into once they start smoking.

Health campaigns are not limited to smoking. There are similar campaigns ongoing to warn consumers of the danger of a product, ingredient, or substance, taken in by humans. These all aim to prevent what is preventable. There are times that government has to intervene through enactment of laws intended to inform. Let’s admit it, most often than not, we have to have a law for most of us to stop a practice even if we know that it will be harmful to us. Government steps in especially if the action of one does not only harm himself but also the people around him.

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