Husay at Malasakit: Fulfilling the Unilab Promise

Trust is never given automatically. It is earned, particularly for products and services offered to the public. Behind every product or service is a company that should be backing it up, assuring consumers that they could not be in better hands.

Excellence and Compassion form the core essence of Unilab’s offered service to its consumers. Its most recent campaign “Husay at Malasakit” shows just what that means exactly. It says it is committed to fulfill the Unilab promise of providing genuine and accessible service to the people.


Husay at Malasakit


It starts with Unilab making sure that only facilities and procedures that are safe are used in producing products that are intended to take better care of Filipinos.  It continues with making sure that all efforts are exerted for products to undergo continuous testing for improvement and new discoveries. This is the promise of Safety.




No amount of technological advancement can blur the vision of creating healthcare products with the manufacturer’s heart in the right place. Regardless of where time and circumstances take Unilab, the health and safety of the Filipino people will always be at the core of every innovation. This is the promise of Service.




With products that are distributed across the country – Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, Unilab reaches out to everyone in need of superior and affordable healthcare products. It is about making people’s lives better wherever they are. This is the promise of Accessibility.




In the face of the most recent disasters and calamities that tested the resiliency of Filipinos, there is a need to strengthen the solidarity of the people. Each individual and entity is called upon to do their respective roles in helping the nation overcome these challenges. Unilab for its part commits its adherence to “Husay at Malasakit” in serving the Filipinos while hoping to influence others to do the same.






My Say


With great power comes great responsibility.

This line from the Spiderman movie has been used often enough by many as a reminder that there is much responsibility attached to power, privilege, abundance, and success. Being the biggest pharmaceutical company in the Philippines, there is much expectation for Unilab to give back to the people who made its success possible.

As a consumer of Unilab products myself, I certainly appreciate the company’s commitment to excellence and compassion. I see this commitment as a promise that Unilab will always ensure my safety every time I use their product. I see it as a promise that I will be able to afford these products, Finally, I see it as a promise that serving the good of consumers like me will never be considered irrelevant. Husay at Malasakit is sending the message that such promise has been fulfilled and will continue to be upheld by Unilab for as long as it stands and that to me is very reassuring.

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  1. I grew up with Unilab products since I was a kid. They’re wouldn’t be here until know, if their products are tried and tested to be effective.

  2. I have a better understand now about unilab’s perspective to the people. I am glad you’ve shared this information as it does give us knowledge about the company.

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