Health Treatment Through Transdermal Patches

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Less mosquito contact means more outdoor fun

Humans continue to try to find ways to make life more comfortable and healthier, whenever possible.   In this quest, it cannot be helped when some will choose not to settle for existing modes of delivery for treatments and medications and seek other options.  People are naturally interested in products or services that can provide the greatest degree of effectiveness, convenience , the least cost without sacrificing results, and the desired solution to their needs or medical conditions.

One of the most recent innovations in drug delivery for active treatment or prevention of certain diseases is transdermal delivery.   This option is essentially made possible through the use of a transdermal patch which contains the required substance that is released to the bloodstream through the skin.  The US Food and Drug Administration defines a transdermal patch as a medical device combined with a specific drug or substance designed to deliver treatment through direct adhesion to the skin.  The very first FDA-approved transdermal patch  is the scopolamine patch used to prevent motion sickness.

Most Common Uses of Transdermal Patches

To date, there are at least two common uses of transdermal patches that can be purchased over the counter,  These are the analgesic patch for body pain and the anti-mosquito patch to deter mosquitoes from making contact with a person’s skin.  Another commonly used patch is the nicotine patch or smoking patch intended to help smokers in their goal to stop smoking.

The use of medications applied to the skin such as creams, lotions, ointments, and oils have been existing for quite some time already.  In fact, they have been known to be used since ancient times.  This practice forms the foundation in which transdermal delivery of drugs is based.

Pain relief patches contain analgesic ingredients such as menthol and methyl salicylate which mainly works to diminish pain signals in particular parts of the body.  Anti-mosquito patches contain Vitamin B1 which is believed to reduce human odors that are attractive to mosquitoes.  Nicotine or smoking patches contain nicotine that gradually release pre-determined amounts of nicotine to the body system to minimize the usual withdrawal symptoms encountered by smokers who are trying to stop the habit.

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Everyday living exposes us to pain and medical threat

Other Uses of Transdermal Patches

The transdermal delivery of health treatments has been the object of much study and investigation in its possible role in providing a more viable option for people who have to take in medications regularly.  The act of taking drugs orally for extended periods of time has been proven to have a negative effect on the liver.  The very reason why the transdermal option is being meticulously studied is because of the advantage of bypassing the liver in drug delivery.

Regulated transdermal patches have been made available with the strong recommendation to consult a professional doctor prior to use.  This is because the substances they contain can possibly counteract with existing medical conditions.  Some of these are the hormonal patches used for contraception and body enhancement, the nitroglycerin patches used to prevent chest pains, the clonidine patches used to treat high blood pressure, the antidepressant patches used to treat major depression disorders, the methylphenidate patches used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children up to age 17, and the multi-vitamin patches used to provide additonal nutrients to the body.  Pain management patches for conditions such as cancer are likewise available.

The results obtained from the use of these patches vary in effectiveness, thus the need for further study and improvement.  Transdermal delivery proposes an advantage in convenience and the absence of pain especially in relation to drugs that have to be injected into the body.  These advantages have resulted to higher patient compliance thus it is important to ensure that patients are given the most effective and suitable transdermal patch so as not to defeat the purpose of getting well or making a medical condition more manageable.

My Say

Transdermal delivery of medication is a possible option in the treatment of certain health conditions although it may not be for everyone. Transdermal patches may have varying effects. It is always best to consult a medical professional before using them.


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  1. these patches you’ve mentioned sounds so great…i want to check it out if its available here in Bkk. i bet these are handy when you travel around and have kids in tow (talking about pain and mosquito patches), hubby might be interested with nicotine patch (I hope!), too. thanks for sharing these information.

  2. I never use patches yet, but I heard this one. I’ll prefer to use any drugs that is highly recommended by my friend if it is over the counter other than that I see our doctor for any consultation when we are sick.

  3. still nothing beats the power of herbal medicine, i remember when someone was sick when we were young, my grandmother picks out plants that i don’t know what they called and after applying them to the sick person, the next day it is back to normal…

  4. My husband tried the Nicotine patch one time and I think he’s one of the few who experienced the bad side effect of it. But I still think it’s better than pills that passes through the liver which causes more damage. I didn’t know about patches that repels mosquitoes and I will do my own homework about its safety for kids. I sure would like to use those for my kids when we go back to Philippines for vacation this year:) Very informative article this is:)

  5. Gusto ko yung nicotine patch na yan.. MIL ko kase nag-smoke sya.. Hindi naman na sobra, pero for her age, dapat talaga completely wala na.. Gusto ng asawa ko mag-quit sya kaso nahihirapan din sya convince ang Nanay nya.. I’m sure makakatulong yang patch na yan sa kanya kung susubukan nya..

  6. My daughter has an allergic reaction to mosquito bites,. We found that out when we lived in South Korea few years back. We thought that her bed has a bed bug but found out later that it’s the mosquito that’s doing it.

    1. Since your daughter has allergic conditions, she must also take care in using patches since minor skin irritations have been reported in some cases with the use of the patch directly on the skin.

  7. I hope they really develop this kind of treatment. I agree with the part of bypassing the liver. Too much oral medication does affect our liver.

    1. The manufacturers of these mosquito patches assure the public of the safety of use. However, it is possible that a person may suffer allergic reactions to any product we use on our bodies so it is always best to ask for medical advice especially if the child’s skin is especially sensitive.

  8. This reminds me of Salonpas which is a patch you put on the part of your body where you feel the ache of pain. I have also seen some of the mosquito patches at the store and was going to buy some of them, but I didn’t. It would be pretty handy especially going on a camping trip where it is lightweight and convenient. 🙂

  9. Every aspect of LIFE is being
    explored to discover more effective
    medications and health remedies.
    These PATCHES are one of those
    innovations and very useful though.

    1. Mosquito patches which are the ones most often used by children are generally non-irritating although it is highly recommended to change the location of adhesion every time any patch is changed to minimize the possibility of irritation.

  10. its always nice having this things ready on your kit specially when you go travel with kids. better be prepared since its not heavy at all! xx

    1. Mosquitoes are really kind of pesky. Doctors recommend having a mosquito repellent applied to the skin such as lotions and creams in addition to the patch for heavy mosquito infestation.

    1. The apparent simplicity of delivering medications transdermally or through the skin should not be underestimated since it can provide a better option for certain conditions.

    1. There are several suppliers found online although standard caution should be exercised in finding legitimate ones. They should be able to provide the prices for their offered products.

    1. Water therapy is also one of the options available to us which is I believe serves more of a preventive function, right? I do appreciate you sharing my posts. Thanks very much.

    1. I hear that there are varying degrees of effectiveness for some transdermal patches. It would be good for you to share some feedback once you’ve tried it.

    1. Yes, it is one of the more popular over-the-counter patch that can be readily bought in the market. Transdermal patches for other uses are still not as widely used as oral medications.

  11. this is great, more convenient for us parents, as we will no longer have problems in forcing our children take their medicines when they are sick. thanks for the info. Yahweh bless.

    1. Yes, I’m very familiar as well with those patches used to soothe muscle pains. The mosquito patch, I believe is a more recent development.

      1. error on first comment lol: that’s “too”….Anyway, I haven’t found any of this yet 🙂 Perhaps this is available in certain areas, or I just have to ask the apothecary, thanks again for sharing!

  12. it seems that everything now becomes handy … it has advantages , if one is afraid not prefer anything that is put through injection or oral, this patches is a good one particularly for toddlers … thanks for sharing

  13. when our kids get sick 🙁 it is hard gor us parents 🙁 I am glad that my K did not get sick when we were in the Philippines 🙂 have to make sure that I bring all the medicines she will need just in case 🙂

    1. Convenience is the primary advantage of transdermal patches so it would be ideal if it would be able to deliver as promised.

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