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Our Family’s Dream Car

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This dream has long been in my heart. Yes, ever since I had my first glance of a Jeep Grand Cherokee, I have decided this is the car for me. It didn’t take very long for my whole family to share in that dream. Eventually, it became our family’s dream car.

I am not by any chance a car expert although I have gained enough wisdom to understand that choosing a car should not be merely based on looks. For any car to be truly worth its price, it should perform accordingly. So how am I supposed to know without having the benefit of actually owning one just yet? By finding excellent resources like Cars.com that can help me arrive at the best decision when it comes to car purchase. The most important information are packed in this site offering videos, reviews, and the car facts that a buyer needs to know in making an intelligent decision.


Having a car is no longer considered a luxury because of its necessity in family and work life. It should be ready to be used as expected in relation to how its owners expected it to perform. Potential car owners therefore should be very clear on how they intend to use their vehicles. It goes without saying that a 2-seater sports car, no matter how flashingly attractive it is, will in no way fit the daily needs of a family with young children. There are equally attractive cars that can perform better under such circumstances. For our family of four with 2 teenage children, an SUV is an ideal choice.


The owner’s lifestyle is a major factor to consider in choosing a car to buy. Will you be using the car mainly for city driving or mostly for out-of-town adventures? For our family, a combination of both is highly preferred. If we have to have just one car, we would like to be able to bring it anywhere which will help us enjoy our lives more.


With all things being equal in terms of suitability and functionality, beauty and comfort are added bonus in car ownership. There is something so satisfying in driving such a thing of beauty and luxury. Personally, I would be thrilled to experience this through my car of choice.

My Say

Buying a car can be tricky especially if not armed with the right information. Doing extensive research before shelling out the money to buy a car makes perfect sense. There might not be a perfect car but we can get the closest one to perfect if we know exactly what we are getting with the car we choose to buy.
Getting our dream car may not be the highest priority but it remains something to aspire for when financial capability finally permits for its realization.

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