Empowerment Through English Language Proficiency

English is considered the bridge language for business, travel, and international relations. This is even if it only comes third after Chinese and Spanish if the topic is about the most spoken language in the world. English language proficiency has empowered many people to reach their goals, opening doors to opportunities which would not have been available without the capability to effectively converse in English.


Most Filipinos are able to speak in English due to a number of reasons. These include years of exposure to American influence, an educational system that uses English as the main medium of instruction, and its frequent use in the work environment. Filipinos are known to be the better English speakers in Asia but does that mean we are speaking it correctly?

The English Language

English can be a very difficult language to teach and learn especially to those who have not been previously exposed to it. Spelling, syntax, and subtleties unique to the language can pose a challenge to its mastery. Like anything else that we wish to gain proficiency in, learning is a must.

American English

While most of us get by with using “Philippine English” or  Filipinism – English that has been stylized to accommodate local spelling, meaning, punctuation, pronunciation, and application, those who find themselves having the need to learn American English for socialization and work purposes will realize soon enough the value of learning it from the masters. You will be amazed to discover the varied aspects of learning English as it should be spoken and written. In my two careers that require me to speak and write English well, I have taken it upon myself to continue learning even beyond the classroom doors but welcome every chance to be back inside to learn more about it.

American English Skills Development Center Inc.

Last Saturday, I found myself attending the course in Conversational English at American English Skills Development Center Inc. located at 1705 Antel Corporate Center 121 Valero St., Salcedo Village Makati City. The class was made up of working people, all aiming to learn English for use in their respective jobs. The atmosphere was very relaxed and informal. We we were all sitting comfortably listening to the instructor, doing language exercises, and even participating in games related to what we are studying. My son who was also part of the class was the only full-fledged student but that fact didn’t diminish his enthusiasm at all.

First Day Done, Looking Forward to Next Sessions

The Conversational English course is completed within 7 sessions with Saturday classes being conducted from 9 am – 1 pm. There are other courses being offered which is exciting for people like me and my son who truly enjoy studying the language. The list of courses include Business Writing, Assertive Business Communication, Presentation Skills and Public Speaking, Collaborative Communication, Communication Skills Team Building, Cross Cultural Communication, Effective Meeting Management, Accent Neutralization, and Leadership and Management Training.

My Say

Learning the English language offers many advantages in terms of career growth. If you are serious in pushing for career advancement in a work environment that requires you to communicate effectively, enrolling in American English Skills Development Center Inc. can prove to be a life-changing decision for you.

If you are interested in taking the Conversational English course, use this code when you enroll through AmericanEnglish.Ph to avail of Php 500 discount:


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