Education Through Technology in Present Setting

Education through technology was a far-fetched idea not so long ago but is very much a reality in the present setting. While having technological gadgets in school used to be a prerogative of big and renowned campuses, that has ceased to be case. These gadgets are ordinarily and even expectedly seen inside the classroom as teaching and learning tools. By all accounts, education and technology will be traveling together for a long, long time.


So that brings us to the question of how technology is actually being used to educate students.

Adapt to Various Learning Styles

The use of technology in school teaches students not only about the use of devices but more about using it as a tool to widen learning options. Back then, learning was comprised of passive listening to teachers and instructors and lessons derived from daily living, typically limited within a physical space occupied by the learner. Technology allows us to go beyond these traditional modes of learning by encouraging active participation of students and removing the barriers of time and space. This allows students to adapt to various learning styles which is critical in maximizing individual potentials.

Learn on How Tasks Should Be Done

Traditional methods of learning rarely allow students to practice actual tasks as it should be done in the work place. Students would have to rely on theory and book learning until job experience is earned. With easy access to technology while studying, students get to hone critical skills in communication and presentation. A case in point is creating Power Point presentations which is made a lot easier with tools like the PowerPoint viewer. In fact, students of today have almost unlimited access to different learning tools that the only reason one cannot learn is if he/she chooses not to.

Understand Responsible Use of Technology

Learning is not purely limited to academics. It encompasses acquiring desired behavior and attitude that would make a person an asset to the community. Since it is very easy to abuse the use of technology, learning its proper use even before students are holding jobs that could potentially have huge impact on society is highly beneficial. The Digital Citizenship course offered in some schools is a perfect example of how students are being taught to behave safely and participate responsibly in the digital world.

My Say

Education through Technology is something that we need to embrace as we try to blend it with the wisdom of traditional learning that has stood the test of time.

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