Days Hotel Tagaytay Review

An overnight stay in a hotel is a simple luxury that one can take at any given time. This is exactly what my family did several months ago. We chose to stay at Days Hotel Tagaytay and here is how it turned out.

Our first visit to Days Hotel was via its Batangas property way back in year 2000.  We bought our car then from Toyota Batangas and took advantage of an overnight stay provided by a card membership program when we went back for the first 1000 km. check up. Memories of our pleasant experience then made me want to try Days Hotel Tagaytay especially now that we are conveniently close to it. After a quick and easy booking, my family was on its way to what we hoped would be just a relaxing overnight stay before we proceed to watch a stage play the next day for review.

Days Hotel Tagaytay, Here We Come!

We reached the hotel from our place in Laguna with no problem, save from the familiar traffic condition on a Saturday en route to Tagaytay. Even that did not hinder our excitement and our decision to just enjoy the day. Days Hotel Tagaytay was very easy to spot and soon enough we were entering this drive way to the entrance of the hotel.

Location:  Tagaytay – Nasugbu Hwy, Silang Junction South, Tagaytay, Cavite

A Welcoming Sight

The hotel lobby is no way imposing but it is a welcoming sight. After some picture-taking with the family outside the hotel, we were courteously led to our room but not before I was able to take note of the of the other points of interest as seen at the lobby.

This dining table overlooking Taal Volcano filled me with simple anticipation for our family staycation. A glimpse of the restaurant entrance and the gift shop added to the thrill. We are known to be lovers of good food and memorabilia and we live up to that expectation every time.

Room 307

This was our room. It came with the standard amenities like air conditioning, television, in-room safe, complimentary bottled water, desk, balcony / terrace, private bathroom, toiletries, shower, and telephone.  We were officially on vacation mode.

The two double beds were very comfortable, so much so that my son instantly dived in on one of them before I was able to take a photo of the room in its “untouched” state. Newspapers were complimentary. My husband and I didn’t realize how we missed this simple act of reading newspapers which seems to be a luxury nowadays because of our hectic schedules. Our children quickly settled on watching TV while munching on chips and seeing the view from our balcony.

Hotel Activities

Nothing and I say nothing can discourage my children from trying the pool, not even the cold biting air outside. We went down to enjoy the music of the acoustic band playing that night. My son visited an art exhibit being held in the hotel, before we settled to a sumptuous meal of bulalo and lechon kawali in our room. The next day we partook of a hearty complimentary breakfast in the hotel restaurant.

The view is admittedly the main attraction of the hotel. We saw this from our balcony and from the elevator. We witnessed this breathtaking view day and night.

Relaxation Mode Achieved

If there is one thing I hope to achieve in every staycation or vacation we take, that is to be on relaxation mode. I just want to sleep, eat, and be alive, without any strict schedule to follow. I think I achieved that somehow even for this overnight stay.

My Say

So now we are down to what I can say about our experience in Days Hotel Tagaytay.

Areas to Improve on:

  1. The hotel could benefit from a face-lift specifically in areas that show signs of wear and tear.
  2. Internet access is very limited, non-existent actually inside our room.
  3. No bidet and hair blower in the bathroom.

Favorable Points

  1. The hotel is very accessible, walking distance from a mall and public transportation is widely available.
  2. View and location is exceptional.
  3. Food served was satisfyingly delicious.
  4. Hotel personnel are very courteous and helpful.

My family’s stay in Days Hotel Tagaytay was pleasurable and if given the chance to go back, we’ll probably do. Hopefully by that time, needed improvements would have been made. It would be a waste to allow this hotel to deteriorate because it really has continuing potentials.

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