Creating Additional Living Space Through a Conservatory

Creating additional living space through a conservatory is one of the best things homeowners can consider in their efforts to improve their homes. Although originally conceived as a sun-room and greenhouse, it has evolved into a space which can be used for other purposes as well. Of late, conservatories have simply become wonderful additions to homes whether functioning in their original or more recent purposes.

Edwardian conservatory
Edwardian conservatory: commonswikimedia

What is a Conservatory?

Conservatories were first seen during the 16th century at a time when wealthy landowners of European countries having cold climate needed a place to cultivate tropical plants. Citrus fruits that came from the much warmer regions of the Mediterranean will have no chance without protection from the elements. A conservatory is basically a room made of glass roof and walls, typically attached to one side of the house. As per UK standards, a conservatory must consist of at least 50% glazed walls or 75% glazed roof either using glass or any other translucent material such as polycarbonate sheeting.

The golden age of conservatory building happened in the 19th century. This was the time when many of the magnificent Victorian-style public conservatories were built, more specifically in England. World War II temporarily halted conservatory construction. It resumed with simpler construction with the introduction of insulated glass, It maintained traces of the grand style but adjusted for more private use in homes.

Victorian-style conservatory interiors
Victorian-style conservatory interiors: fourseasonssunrooms

How to Create Additional Living Space Through a Conservatory

There is no question that modern homes constantly require the addition of living space especially with growing family members or evolving needs. There are basically two options available in building a conservatory. Relatively simple conservatory structures have been made available by manufacturers using the DIY style. More elaborate construction will require hiring building contractors to put up.

Advantages of Building a Conservatory at Home

Additional Space Without Major Modifications in the Existing Home

Since conservatories are usually built attached to one side of the house, there is rarely a need to make major modifications to the existing home. There is also less disturbance inside the home since most work will be done outside. As compared to building additional rooms inside an existing house structure which does not actually add physical space, a conservatory does add more living space to be used.

Closer to the Outdoors without Actually Being Outside

The great benefits of having closer access to nature even in one’s home are widely known. However, not every one has the time and the physical inclination to be outdoors often because of work and health reasons. This is the reason why some residential conservatories also function as home offices. The view from the inside can be very spectacular and thus quite inspiring for work and relaxation.

Perfect for Indoor Gardening and Entertaining

True to its original purpose, a conservatory can be a beautiful showcase of plants that need a little more taking care of. The love of gardening need not be sacrificed during less than ideal climate and seasons. A conservatory also offers the most suitable backdrop for entertaining guests at home. Bringing guests to the conservatory is less invasive to family privacy while allowing an ideal garden view for all.

My Say

From the first time I laid my eyes on a beautiful photo of a home conservatory, I was hooked. It was always what I imagined having in my own home so I am hoping that circumstances will permit me to have one built in my lifetime. As a parent with growing children, I am not  keen on big home improvement expenses nor extreme disturbance in daily living while having modifications done. Creating additional living space through a conservatory will just be perfect for me.

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  1. Sounds really great to have one, I can imagined how nice it is now. I would be happy to have conservatory area at home. Thanks for sharing this idea…really lovely! 🙂

  2. I love to have a conservatory home. It is a must-have when you love plants and you live in a place with winter season.

    Re: I have never been a homeschooling fan when I was growing up, but raising a child here in the US, it becomes the right thing to do. 🙂

  3. that looks cool, especially if I think there is a nice view around or everyone at home would be inspired to beautify the garden to have a beautiful view that could be seen from the glass walls

  4. I’ve been dreaming a house with a conservatory too. Probably a connection to my dining area. I came from a big family, so having a conservatory is perfect especially if there is a family get together.

  5. Previously, when I was making some design proposals for our house, part of my suggestion is to cover our terrace and have the same design like the photo above to have a space for relaxation, reading and working space. But of course, the approval depends on my mom.:)

  6. I’ve been on a scout for house design. I want to have something similar like that too, but in our setting, glass roof and walls aren’t practical.

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