Create a New Look for the New Year

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Many times when going out, I hardly have the time to consider how I look largely because of the limited time I have. I would often resort to wearing dark glasses in the wishful hope that no one I know will see me looking carelessly drab and dreary. After all, I do have a certain image to maintain as a writer, as a mother, as an employee, and as a member of the various community groups I’m part of. Often, I would find myself looking back to those days when buying the latest in fashion, from head to toe, was of no particular issue. My parents were there, I was young and had no serious responsibilities to speak of, but I regress.

I have learned for quite some time now that one does not let go of physical appearance and blame it on the many responsibilities we have. It is in this line of thought that I would like to bring forth some suggestions that works for me. This is to help you create the new look for the new year without breaking the bank.

Update the Look

Whenever I have to attend a special occasion, I make sure to look for something in my closet that would fit the theme and buy just one item to update the look. A very good example of this is what I wore in our company’s Christmas Party with the theme “Denims and Diamonds”. I got my old reliable denim jeans and jacket and my classic off-white turtle-neck top, ransacked my box of accessories, and bought good quality ankle boots which was on sale at 70%.

I cannot overemphasize the word “quality” as it will make it possible for all your purchases to turn out as personal investments rather than cheap one-time use items. I am very proud of my clothes from 20-30 years ago that I or my daughter can still use. Quality purchases allow us to build our wardrobe instead of having to buy a complete set for every occasion. With such clothes, we just the need the right attitude to complete the look.

Try More Cost-Effective Options

Hair is really part of the look. It can be pretty expensive to have our hair constantly done at the salon. It is recommended to have our hair cut and handled by professionals at least twice a year, and more for those with chemically-treated hair. There is however a very practical solution for people who would like to try different looks frequently.

Wigs and hair extensions like freetress hair are so much in style right now that it has become very easy to switch from one look to another without visiting the salon. I was actually looking for my photo wherein I used a ponytail hair extension similar to the one above but unfortunately cannot find it. It was one of the easiest quick-fix to achieving a polished look that I’ve ever experienced. With this kind of products widely available in the market or even ordered online, you can achieve the hair look you want of any length, color, and style.

Take Care of Yourself

Aging can be very brutal with our appearance especially if we don’t take care of ourselves. Avoiding vices saves us a lot of money and keeps us in good shape. Making sure that we are healthy physically and emotionally saves us many trips to the doctor and hospital.

Personally, I would rather spend money and time on what will truly make me happy me like relaxation, education, and family entertainment. We must not succumb to self-neglect no matter how pressing our responsibilities are. Remember, we can only give what we have.

My Say

Tomorrow marks the start of a new year and a new beginning. If you feel like creating a new look, do not be afraid and do it. Life should be lived everyday. Create that confidence to face the world. It really wouldn’t hurt to take care of your appearance as you take care of everything else. We really don’t need to hide behind dark glasses except from sunlight.

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