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Convergys PH Launches Give a Bag of Hope 2

Convergys Philippines has launched its Give a Bag of Hope 2, a nationwide employee-driven program that seeks to address the perennial problem of lack of school supplies among public school students. We are all too familiar about stories of broken young lives that could have been different if they were only given the chance to study with the basic tools they need. The lack of school supplies while in school can be a real cause for many children to drop out and forego their chances for education.



One can only imagine the feelings of children who have had to ask or beg for these supplies from their equally less-privileged classmates. It is easy to understand why some would choose to just look at their classmates, too embarrassed to ask after probably asking too many times before. The decision to just stop schooling usually comes after enduring many episodes of this and there goes the future of a child.

convergys give a bag of hope

Give a Bag of Hope

Give a Bag of Hope, which is on its 2nd year, is a project initiated by Convergys Philippines that involves the participation of its employees. Employees can donate in three ways including referral, monetary pledge, and donation of school supplies. Every successful employee referral would mean one Bag of Hope to be donated to the cause. They can also choose to donate PHP 500 (the cost of one Bag of Hope) outright or arrange for salary deduction. The last option is to donate school supplies to be placed in the bags.

The very first Give a Bag of Hope Event last year was a huge success. The company distributed about 20,000 Bags of Hope to partner schools of various Convergys sites. This year, Convergys Philippines hopes to further alleviate the hindrances to literacy by reaching out to more students with the solid support of its employees.

The People Behind the Company

Behind Convergys Philippines are thousands of employees supporting the cause. They know how important education is in ensuring productive employment in the future. The Give a Bag of Hope project is a clear acknowledgment of that.


convergys team

My Say

These employees are real people facing their own challenges in every day living equivalent to those being faced by young underprivileged children. This doesn’t stop them however from giving what they can for the future of these children. It is a privilege to be one of them.


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  1. what a great advocacy and campaign initiated by Convergys .. i think this is the only BPO company I have heard that came up with such amazing campaign.. Kudos to them

  2. This is very laudable efforts for the school children who couldn’t afford to get a bag for school of their own. I should say that the people behind this project which is already in year 2 are not only REAL but they are the people with a HEART for the school children. Keep it up. Good job!

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