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Choosing to Live Green

green living

What exactly does choosing to live green entail?  Is it possible and doable?  Who benefits from it?

Green Living

Green living is not solely limited to color although it is very much related to the predominantly green  natural environment and its preservation.  It is a lifestyle that seeks to save the natural resources of Earth to ensure that they remain available for future generations to use while serving the needs of the present.  It requires humans to be more responsible to self and others particularly through the conscious choice of green lifestyle, green technology, green building, green energy, renewable energy, and organic food.

This specific type of living can be applied at home, in the workplace, the community,and anywhere else where the fundamentals of going green can be beneficial.  Many things and events such as cars and holidays are being given the green makeover in the hope that small consistent applications in all aspects of life can make a dent towards the achievement of sustainable living.  Living a green life is visibly manifested in conserving resources and energy, reducing waste and pollution, and protection of the ecological balance between and among living things.

Practical Green Living Applications

Green living is usually used interchangeably with eco-friendly or environmentally friendly.   This is the reason why specific standards have been set that will allow companies to legitimately label their products and services as eco-friendly. This is to prevent the so calledgreenwashersfrom fooling consumers by deceptively promoting their products as such.  This is a very important issue since one of the most common green living practice is to use products that are genuinely considered as friendly to the environment, meaning that their use will not add to further degradation of the earth’s resources.

The “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle” principle is a very popular component of green living.  By reducing what we use, we are able to reduce waste as well.  Reusing and recycling previously used things greatly reduces the amount of resulting thrash since reusable and recyclable items such as bags and cartridges enjoy maximized used before getting the final sentence of being thrown away.  This move has the potential of greatly reducing the load of landfills which are already overflowing as they are.

Who Benefits from Green Living?

Living green is a healthy option that benefits the people practicing it and the people directly and indirectly affected by such choice.  It also encourages and stimulates savings while discouraging wastage.  This is a direct financial benefit to green living practitioners and a direct benefit as well to the environment which will be allowed time for replenishment before humans again harvest resources for consumption.

As mentioned above, green living practices will benefit not only the present occupants of the Earth but also the future occupants who will have the opportunity to inherit it.  The more people are inspired by a single green act, the more chances for the principle to catch on with the public.  Problems like global warming and climate change are the very reasons why green living should be pursued.

My Say

Green living is the more sustainable option since it reminds us to use fewer resources and leave the least amount of damage or disturbance to them.  The idea is to leave less carbon footprint.  It teaches us to enjoy life and what it offers without resorting to abuse.  Choosing to live green may just be one of the decisions we will live to appreciate.

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  1. I have started living green for more than a year now. And I tell you, it’s not easy but it’s worth it. If we don’t act to save our dying planet, who will? Living green will not only benefit us, but our children after us as well.

  2. Green living is a great idea, and I’ve been a long-term advocate of it (since high school). The challenge is that it’s currently a bit more expensive than “conventional” living, the main reason (probably) why many are turned off when it comes to sustainable habits and activities.

  3. Students now are being taught in schools to live green. However, no matter how many teachings and lessons they attend to, they will never live green unless their families start to do so. Change may start from within individually but it’s far a greater feat to encourage our family members to follow the trend and spread it to the neighborhood. Also, do you consider being vegetarian as one of the milestones in green-living? If yes, are you one already?

    1. You couldn’t have said it any better. Adopting a vegetarian diet can be considered one of the aspects of green living. I am not a vegetarian although I haven’t given up on trying to eat the healthiest way possible. I take it that you are one?

  4. I’m an avid fan of Green Living and I’m really enjoying all of its benefits!

    Last November 22, at Bacolod, I tried their Organic Halo-Halo and its really great. They served the perfect organic halo-halo in town and you might also be interested in trying this one too!

  5. Green living or living green is a cool lifestyle of living. It takes everyone’s commitment to do this , to live with this life. In so doing, the following is practically achieved: conservation of resources and energy, reduction of waste and pollution, and achievement of ecological balance between and among living things so to speak. Live Green. Don’t Think Green!

  6. Green living is always a good thing and is the most appropriate way to live in today’s very polluted days of our planet Earth. I hope companies will work on making their products environment-friendly so that our earth would be a better place in the future!

  7. I agree, living green is difficult and challenging, but the thought that you are doing the environment and the next generation a favor is inspiration enough to go green! Great article, Tess.

  8. There are a lot of IT companies that also embrace this way of living. I always read the site called TreeHugger and they feature a lot of companies, products or ideas related to green, sustainable living. 🙂

  9. the sad truth about it is, we can never truly live green specially now that we are in the era where technology reigns over everyone… in fact, even these many so called green products and green movements are highly commercialized…

    1. Although advancing technology is a big deal, Japan never saw it as a hinder to make their place “green” and “ecological”. They plant trees on tops of building and in between roads, they even plant agricultural crops and cultivate it within their skyscrapers – all for preservation and to counter polution created by technology.

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