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From the onset of its establishment, the Caritas Don Bosco School – Parents Teachers Council (CDBS-PTC) has been working hand-in-hand with the school administration, teachers, non-teaching staff, parents, guardians, and students, in full support of making the school environment as ideal as possible for academic learning and personal development of its students. It has however gone beyond school walls through its Outreach Program as it demonstrates Don Bosco’s belief that  “Education is a Matter of the Heart“.  The latest CDBS-PTC Outreach Project brought the school community to the doors of Chosen Children Village Foundation, Inc.


Chosen Children Village Foundation, Inc.

Chosen Children Village (CCV) is a haven for physically and/or mentally challenged children, located along Km. 49 in Lalaan 2 in Silang, Cavite, Philippines. Founded by Maria Angeles “Lita” Peypoch Fullerton in 1989, it offers the concept of caring for disabled children within a family setting. She believes that the institutional setting is not beneficial for these children who have different care needs and demands.


It is a non-profit organization which relies on donations that come in the form of child sponsorship or donation for building construction, maintenance and repair. Other forms of donations are likewise accepted but those that are deemed more important include strollers, milk, cereals, biscuits, laundry powder, dish-washing liquid, or anything that will ensure the smooth operation of a household with many children. You see, a big household is essentially what Chosen Children Village is.


CCV does not only exist to take care of children who are not able to take care of themselves. It also seeks to provide these children the “root and wings” they need in their journey towards independence in spite of their disabilities. It has likewise been instrumental in finding permanent homes for some through adoption. To ensure that the foundation can continue with its worthy mission, assistance from corporations and the general public is critical.

CDBS-PTC Outreach Project

The CDBS-PTC answered this call for assistance when its Outreach Committee identified Chosen Children Village as its beneficiary for this school-year’s outreach project. It appealed to the school community through a letter brought home by its students requesting for donations as specified by the foundation as the most needed. The response was tremendous and did not disappoint.


PTC Officers solicited from companies and individuals. I was even able to solicit these URC products from Stratworks, one of the ad agencies I regularly work with for promotion activities. The overall response was heart-warming as the CDBS community displayed its readiness and willingness to apply Don Bosco’s teachings in real life.


The response was such that the PTC had to do an initial delivery of donations to Chosen Children Village. Thus, before the actual date of the outreach project, many donated items reached the intended beneficiary. This only heightened the expectation for a fruitful activity on the designated date.



And so on October 16, 2016, the CDBS community set out to spend a day with the children of CCV.  The day started with the celebration of the holy mass which was followed by a tour of the CCV facilities. A lively program consisting of games and entertainment numbers ensued, allowing everyone to have a good time in spite of the forecasted stormy weather condition.


Below are some of the children of Chosen Children Village who showed how happy they are with the CDBS visit. They are seen here with the Lactum milk products donated by Mead Johnson through the facilitation of celebrity couple Ryan and Judy Ann Agoncillo. The younger children are usually not included in this kind of activity so as not to expose them to unnecessary stress. It is really good to know that some of these older children are helping out in taking care of the younger kids.


At the end of the day, everybody had a better understanding of what it really means to give. It was a very successful and fruitful outreach project where the giver went home bringing something. That something can only be found in the heart.


My Say

Those who have much are called upon to give to those who have less. Our sensibility however tells us that we can give no matter what our economic capabilities are. The founders of CCV gave by establishing a foundation dedicated to taking care of children who have either been abandoned or given up. The CDBS community gave by providing essentials that can be used by the foundation and its children.

Come to think of it, even the CCV children gave by tapping on our humanity, our good side that tells us we need to take care of each other in a loving environment regardless of our differences.

Images: CDBS-PTC Facebook Page

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