CDBS Aims for Zero Waste on Community Day

One of the things that attracted us to Caritas Don Bosco School (CDBS) is its physical cleanliness. My husband and I felt and still feel that the school offers an atmosphere that is conducive to learning and character development. This school year is my son’s 11th year and my daughter’s 10th year (including pre-school) with CDBS. We have all witnessed how care of the environment has always been one of the priorities among values that the school wishes to impart to its students. This Sunday, September 24, 2017, CDBS aims for zero waste on Community Day to drive this point clearly not only to students but to their families as well.

No Disposables Please

The first order of the day is not to bring or use disposables. Each family is advised to bring their own plates, cups, water container, spoons, and forks. This is to make sure that a mountain of trash will not be left behind after all the fun and laughter of the day. So bringing one’s own trash bag for proper disposal is a must. Bringing of picnic baskets, mats, and umbrellas are also highly encouraged.

Avoid Food Wastage

Each one is enjoined to participate in the community breakfast. Families are advised to bring their own rice and partake of the shared food as provided through the designated food contributions per level. A timely reminder here is to avoid food wastage by getting only the amount of food one can eat or at least take home whatever is left on their plates rather than throw them.

Clean As You Go

There are a lot of activities that are expected to happen which may result to litter thus all attendees are expected to do their share. While the school’s maintenance personnel are very alert in ensuring that the school remains clean even with various ongoing activities, the mentality that someone else will do the cleaning after us should be discarded.

My Say

On Sunday, our family will once again join the CDBS Community in the yearly Community Day. We intend to enjoy this day as we pray sincerely, eat heartily, and play joyfully. Most importantly, we will celebrate responsibly in one with all the members of the school community as CDBS aims for zero waste on Community Day.

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