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Educating a child has evolved together with a fast-changing world demanding a new set of skills from its workforce. The 21st century requires children to be prepared early to be equipped in the necessary skills that include problem solving, creativity, flexibility, and growth mindset. Schools therefore have to step up to provide these skills. Here is where Brainlight Singapore Maths Philippines presents itself in shaping children who will lead our tomorrow.


BrainLight Learning Center

BrainLight Learning Center (BLC) is an after-school center offering Maths Enrichment Programme based on the world-renowned Singapore Mathematics Curriculum set by the Ministry of Education of Singapore (MOE). The program focuses on developing problem-solving skills by providing students with well-thought opportunities through conceptual understanding of math principles, visualization using various strategies such as bar models, variation in activities for in-depth understanding and a spiral approach of topics from kindergarten to primary level. This is how the school describes its reason for being and what it proposes to give the students of today is worth careful consideration. It goes further by offering programs designed not only for struggling or average students but also to advanced students with the common goal of mastering concepts and developing lifelong positive attitude towards mathematics, regardless of abilities.

Singapore Math Curriculum

In Singapore Math curriculum, Mathematics is recognized as “an excellent vehicle for the development and improvement of a person’s intellectual competence in logical reasoning, spatial visualization, analysis, and abstract thought”. It puts emphasis on problem solving which forms the very heart of its program. It likewise puts emphasis on concrete-pictorial-abstract approach, visualization, and problem solving heuristics. It teaches alternative methods in problem solving so that learners will think beyond. Traditional instruction is not working as well as it used to especially with the trend towards globalization.

Why Singapore Math

Singapore is consistently top in International Mathematics and Science Study. In fact, Singaporean 15-year-olds are acknowledged as among the best when it comes to problem solving even in unstructured problems and unfamiliar contexts. Other countries including the US, Canada, United Kingdom, South Korea, Chile, France, Israel, and India, among others, have adopted Singapore Maths in their respective curriculum.

My Say

Reading through the information about BrainLight Singapore Maths, it is very straightforward in saying that the program aims to develop independent thinkers. In today’s world, we have so much use for such citizens.

BrainLight Singapore Maths Philippines is located at:

Unit 317 McKinley Park Residences 3rd Ave cor 31st St, Bonifacio Global City

09171229978, 09192971167, (02)2119624

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