My Birthday Staycation at Microtel South Forbes

Have you ever woke up from a long sleep and still felt so tired that all you wanted to do was sleep again? That was exactly how I felt on the early evening of my birthday when my children woke me up so we can go to church. My mind and body were shouting for a vacation, somewhere nice but not far. A brilliant idea clicked in my mind while I was dressing up for mass that led to my birthday staycation at Microtel South Forbes.

microtel south forbes


Late last year, my husband won a room voucher from Microtel during the Bloggys 2015. This was the event where my other blog A Letter Writer was given the recognition of being one of the finalists for the Philippine Blogging Awards in the Fiction and Literature Category. That voucher has been sitting on our dresser for quite some time. I thought the perfect time to use it will never come, but it finally did three days ago. The children were on vacation from school, my husband didn’t have any pending online tasks, I was on leave from work and it is my birthday – just perfect.


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Getting fast to our destination is our primary consideration given the very short time we have on our hands. We reached Microtel South Forbes in 10 minutes. It was sheer pleasure driving through the tree-lined road leading to the hotel.

Microtel South Forbes

Microtel by Wyndham South Forbes is located within South Forbes Golf City in Silang, Cavite. It is often mistaken to be located in Sta. Rosa, Laguna due to its proximity to the place. Microtel considered the Silang-Sta. Rosa area as one of its priorities for building a hotel due to accessibility to corporate and leisure markets and the recognized growth in commercial activities. Thus in June 2014, the hotel started welcoming guests who would like to experience for themselves the so-called no-frills limited service concept made popular by Microtel by Wyndham. It guarantees the same ambiance and service as provided in its location in Rochester, New York to whatever location guests would decide to choose.

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For its South Forbes location, guests can choose between the 1 Queen Bed Suite or the 2 Queen Beds Guest Room. There are disability accessible and non-smoking rooms available. As the main target market of the hotel are corporate clients, it made sure that it has conference/function rooms to be used. Photocopy, fax, and mailing services are likewise offered. The Umenoya Japanese Restaurant serves the dining needs of guests.

First Impressions

The hotel facade is very inviting. There is ample parking space with reserved slots for persons with disability. The reception area is so welcoming not only because of the physical atmosphere but mostly because of the smiles and acknowledgment that greeted us from the moment we stepped out of our car. That effectively set the tone for our stay.

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Inside Our Room

What immediately caught my attention upon entering the hotel was the cleanliness of the surroundings. I was reserving my final judgment though in this aspect until I see the room. I have had many experiences in the past when I get so impressed by the reception area, only to be let down when I see the actual facilities made available to the guests. At Microtel South Forbes, consistency appears to be the norm especially when it comes to excellent facilities and employee courtesy.

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I have previously read about their chiropractor-approved mattresses and was actually very curious about it. My sound sleep in the midst of the excited chatter of my children and the TV volume as my husband watched the Game of Thrones should be enough proof of that. Considering my lifestyle, 9 in the evening is much too early to sleep but there I was, thankfully catching up on a much-needed rest.

No-Frills Service

So what is the no-frills service all about? It is providing guests what they need to make their entire stay comfortable without fanfare. A small basket of fruits, bottled water with glasses and ice bucket, and complete toiletries and towels are just some of the things that help guests settle in upon arriving. Guests don’t have to ask for these necessities as they are automatically provided.

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Unlimited coffee is available at the ground floor for free. A ready supply of ice cubes can be had at the second floor courtesy of the hotel’s ice maker. The key card assures maximum security for the guests as it needs to be swiped not only for the room doors but also for access to the elevator. There are paintings displayed all over the hotel which are very pleasing and relaxing to the eyes.

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More Than a Business Hotel

I wasn’t really sure if my family would enjoy our stay at Microtel South Forbes since it is a hotel that caters primarily to traveling business people. It turned out that my fears are unfounded as I haven’t seen my family so relaxed for quite some time. Like me, all they wanted was to rest so they chose to forego the biking opportunities offered. When it comes to swimming though, that is entirely a different thing.

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There are no swimming facilities in the hotel itself but it has a tie-up with the Chateux de Paris Clubhouse for their guests. For a charge of PHP 100 per head, guests can use the clubhouse’s pool. I was informed that the hotel is planning to have its own swimming facilities in the near future.

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Nearby Attractions

Microtel South Forbes’ location makes several nearby attractions very accessible. Aside from being near Laguna Technopark where most of the business transactions are focused on, leisure guests can take advantage of packages offered by the hotel for trips to Sky Ranch, Enchanted Kingdom, or the Golf City. Paseo de Sta. Rosa and the Solenad offer retail therapy for shoppers. Nuvali is also very much accessible where facilities for wakeboarding, biking, and running are offered.

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My Say

I am very happy to have experienced the Microtel facilities and services through Microtel South Forbes. Again, its strongest points consist of its efficient employees and excellent facilities and that is something I cannot overemphasize. To some, the lack of recreational facilities within the hotel may be a setback but to people like us who simply want to rest, we cannot ask for anything more.

Special thanks to Ms. Marinelle Brana, the hotel’s Resident Manager for taking the time to thank us for our stay in the hotel.

Are we coming back? Sure we are!

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For more information:

South Boulevard, South Forbes Golf City
Brgy. Inchican, Silang, Cavite 4118

Phone Number:+63(49) 543-4888
Fax Number: +63(49) 543-4800

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