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Balik Bukid 3 was a slice of heaven that I experienced at Holy Carabao Holistic Farm. It was like entering a different kind of world where everything happened according to how nature planned it. It helped me remember that leading a lifestyle that is a lot kinder to the human body and the environment is possible. It made me laugh heartily and once again I saw how beautiful life is.

holistic farm


Holy Carabao Holistic Farm

Holy Carabao Holistic Farm is located at the Sta. Elena Golf and Country Estate in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. It is especially proud of its 100% farm fresh goods produced through organic and biodynamic farming. While organic farming involves the use of natural compost and nutrients instead of chemical fertilizers and  pesticides, biodynamic farming  is done in relation to the natural rhythm and cycle of life.

The farm is the braincild of spouses Gippy and Hindy Tantoco. A long-time vegetarian, Hindy was compelled to consider planting their own vegetables after her second child was diagnosed with a rare medical condition. Soon, she and her husband were doing it not only for their family but also for their friends and family and it did not take long for the venture to evolve into a business.

It has become a most sought after venue for weddings, birthdays , and other occasions as well as  a field-trip destination for kids. Information on farm visits, party bookings, and photo shoots can be seen at their official website. Directions going to the farm can be seen through this site as well.


holy carabao altar

 balik bukid activities

holy carabao fishing

Holy Carabao Products

All Holy Carabao products are naturally grown and cultivated and are therefore subject to weather conditions. The farm provides a weekly harvest list which buyers can constantly check. Buying local and in season comes highly recommended.

Orders are accepted through calls, text, email, or online by filling out the order form found in their site. The farm likewise offers various prepared and customized gift crates filled with their products. The Holy Carabao products as well as other environment-friendly products are showcased in the farm’s country fair called “Balik Bukid”.


holy carabao products


Balik Bukid 3

Balik Bukid held its third event last April 28, 2013 and welcomed families to an affair filled with fun activities, healthy food, ecological products, and music that is good for the soul. It was a chance to go back to basics and be close to nature providing opportunities to ride horses and carabaos, feed rabbits and guinea pigs, and catch a fish or two. It was also a chance for vendors to show their unique products that were all made from sustainable materials and produced with care for the environment.

The main family event for Balik Bukid 3 is the Mud Dash Event. Towards the evening, the attendees were treated to the music of Noel Cabangon and Up Dharma Down. It was certainly a perfect day for a “bukid” adventure with the family and other people who have the same appreciation for such a relaxing opportunity.

 balik bukid event

holy carabao

holy carabao animals

My Say

Visiting Holy Carabao Farm gave me the perfect opportunity to reassess my priorities in terms of going for what I really want in life. I want to be happy. I want to be healthy.  I want to have my own slice of heaven here on earth with my family.

Thank you Holy Carabao for this very wonderful experience!


Teresay at Holy Carabao Holistic Farm

Teresay at Holy Carabao Holistic Farm


The Balik Bukid 4- Country Fair is scheduled on November 24, 2013, Sunday.  100% percent of ticket sales will go to Typhoon Yolanda victims. 

balik bukid


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