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Laugh Out Loud at REP’s “A Comedy of Tenors”

The invitation to laugh out loud with the cast of Repertory Philippines‘ “A Comedy of Tenors” was in no way an empty promise to enjoy a Sunday afternoon in the busy area of Makati City. As always, I was expecting to watch an excellent show, this being a REP production. What I did not expect was to be grinning from ear to ear all throughout watching it, with frequent outbursts of genuine laughter on the side.

A Comedy of Tenors kicks off REP’s 2018 Theater Season, running from  January 26 to February 18 at the Onstage Theater in Greenbelt 1.


Ken Ludwig’s hilarious play centers on a colorful crew of characters who converge in a hotel room before an important concert. As an opera producer attempts to put on a show, his lead performer goes missing. In their misadventures, they involve a harassed producer, his frazzled assistant, an aging, temperamental and sometimes missing Italian opera star and his hot-blooded wife, their daughter and her lover, an opera diva, and a singing waiter.

Director: Miguel Faustmann
Cast: Jeremy Domingo, Noel Rayos, Issa Litton, Loy Martinez, Mica Pineda, Arman Ferrer, Shiela Martinez

Laugh After Laugh After Laugh

This play is evidently a farce comedy where several improbable situations take place in a single hotel suite. In fact, it is more aptly described as a hilarious operatic farce where the audience is treated to a light humorous drama, showcasing incredible singing voices, with a happy ending to boot. I found the performances of Loy Martinez and Issa Litton especially noteworthy. Martinez’ performance of his dual roles was indeed exceptional.

My Say

I have not laughed this much while watching a show for quite some time. A Comedy of Tenors from Repertory Philippines provided me just that. Whenever I watch any show, I do not pretend to analyze the technicalities. It’s either I enjoyed it or not. Watching this show was pure fun and I enjoyed it to the hilt.

You still have the chance to laugh out loud yourself by watching A Comedy of Tenors.

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