5 Tips To Get Your Body Ready For Labor

Labor is most times compared to running a marathon because it is one of the most tiring experiences of a woman’s life. An athlete cannot go for a marathon without considerable preparation for it. Therefore, you should learn to listen to your body on a daily basis to prevent complications during and after childbirth. It is pointless to avoid or push away warning signs during pregnancy.

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Below are five tips you need to make sure your body is ready for labor:

Know Your Pregnancy Due Date

It is crucial to know your pregnancy due date so that you can prepare in plenty of time. You can calculate your due date by using the pregnancy calculator wheel, which is the method most doctors use. It involves using your last menstrual period to determine your due date.

Another way to find your pregnancy due date is by using Naegele’s rule. With this method, you need to add seven days to the first day of your Last Menstrual Period (LMP) and then subtract three months. Another easy way of knowing your due date is by using a pregnancy due date calculator just like the one found here

Practice Yoga And Meditation

Studies have shown that practicing some form of meditation and yoga during pregnancy helps to reduce stress and anxiety, and improve your sleep quality. They both go hand in hand in calming your nervous system and regulating blood pressure and heart rate.

Yoga and meditation are not only needed to help you stay anxiety free during pregnancy, but they also contribute to increase in the strength and flexibility of the muscles needed for childbirth. Conscious breathing during each yoga pose is like training you to be comfortable in an uncomfortable situation while increasing your endurance levels. Hence, this practice helps during labor.

Maintain A Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is essential during pregnancy. The dietary needs of the mother change slightly to gear up for the significant event of the delivery. To follow a healthy pregnancy diet, get rid of starchy foods like bread and pastries. Consume more fruits, vegetables, dates, and milk. Eating well and right goes a long way in building a healthy and beautiful fetus.

Get Lots Of Fresh Air

Fresh air will do wonders for your spirit and mood during pregnancy. You can get a lot of fresh air by walking or taking a leisurely stroll outside. Fresh air also allows your skin to be well oxygenated and evaporate sweat well. A study by The University Of Adelaide revealed that there might be a link between the quality of air a mother breathes during pregnancy and the baby’s health. If a mother breathes in polluted air, the child may be more likely to develop anxiety and depression later in life.

Have Lots Of Rest

Having a baby rarely leaves you with little time for yourself, and resting seems like a luxury you cannot afford. The good news is that there are many things you can do to relax and rest during pregnancy. Having lots of rest during pregnancy helps you save up energy so that you have more to use during labor. It also allows the labor to progress smoothly.

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Summarily, it is also essential to be mentally, emotionally and physically prepared for the birth of a child. Preparation is not always easy, but the fitter you are during pregnancy, the more energy you will have. Keeping your body hydrated is another critical factor that will ensure you and the baby stay healthy during and after pregnancy. As your labor day approaches, don’t forget to prepare a hospital packing checklist to keep yourself organized.

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