4 Tips To Marketing Your Open Positions

Your business is only as good as its employees. Finding and attracting the right people to fill the open positions in your organization is a prerequisite for the success of your business. In today’s candidate-driven marketplace where companies are looking to recruit the top talent, it is important to effectively market your open positions in order to get the perfect interview candidate pool. How do you promote your open positions to get exceptional employees?

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Here are 4 tips to marketing your open positions that will help you a great deal.

1. Set Up Referrals

Sometimes, the most suited candidate for a position is already in your network. Setting up employee referrals is a perfect platform to land on a great lead. Talk to your current employees and take advantage of their connections. You can request them to submit any referrals they might have to your hiring team. Make the office referral program as simple and user-friendly as possible. By doing this, you will be able to convert your entire workforce into recruiters and generate excellent industry contacts.

2. Concentrate On The Best Candidate Pools

It is every employer’s dream to find the perfect interview candidate pool without spending too much time and money. When marketing your open positions, target your message to a highly specific audience. Social media is a good place to start. Create Ads on facebook and twitter that have specific keywords. Social media recruitment platforms are a great way to connect with the ideal applicant. You also get the chance to find out which sources bring the best candidates. Thus, you can maximize your efforts on these channels and save time and resources while at it.

3. Create An Employment Brand

One great way to market your open positions is to create a strong employment brand. This will ensure that prospective candidates are attracted to your organization. Employment branding is the key to getting the top talent in the marketplace doing everything possible just to get their foot in the door. As an organization, ensure that you have a strong marketing plan. Be active on social media. Engage the masses and grow your online presence. Personalize all communication in job postings. Let the candidates know that their role is important and it will make an impact. Remember to give the candidates the driver’s seat; this will motivate them even more.

4. Digitize The Application

Today’s marketplace is dominated by young professionals who prefer digitized processes. Capture their attention by implementing effective and strategic sourcing and social media advertising. Gone are the days of paper applications, when the hiring team had to go through stacks of applications by hand and still miss the perfect match. Digitize your application process in order to create a shortlist that is accurate and unbiased. A digitized application also makes things easier for the HR staff since it narrows down the search, making it easier for them to go through a specific pool of applicants.

These 4 tips will help you deploy the best marketing for your open positions. Are you looking for the best talent to fill your open positions? The Role Point platform is the most advanced and comprehensive sourcing product in the market. Trusted by world-leading experts in recruitment and referrals, you are guaranteed to get the best referral program software you need for your talent acquisition needs. Schedule a demo today and learn more about this amazing software.

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The task of employee recruitment has certainly evolved. Employers who take note of this are always one step ahead in finding the best people for the job.

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