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3 Ways To Create A Garden Your Children Will Enjoy

Do you remember the last time your children spent time enjoying the great outdoors? With the majority of kids preferring to pass the time on their gadgets and the Internet, it appears that children would rather play Minecraft on their phone than play hide-and-seek in the garden. This preference for technology has resulted to children becoming less physically active. In fact, a study has revealed that most Filipino children are not physically active, except in physical education classes. As lack of exercise can lead to obesity and other health conditions, it’s imperative to get your children to play outdoors, and one way to do this is to create a garden that your kids will enjoy.


Benefits of playing outdoors

According to research, outdoor play can benefit a child’s health by helping develop his vision, fine-tuning his motor skills, and improving his strength and coordination. It also helps to boost immunity and enables your child to get ample Vitamin D, which can strengthen bones and prevent bone deficiency. Moreover, playing outdoors allows your child to develop social skills as he gets to be around other children. He also learns good values such as sharing, taking turns, and good sportsmanship—all these just from playing a game outdoors! If you want your children to put down their gadgets and head outdoors, here are 3 ways to create a garden that they’ll enjoy.

1. Create an outdoor living space

Make a comfortable and inviting sitting area by designating a shady spot of your garden as your outdoor living space. Select sturdy and weatherproof furniture for the space and add some cushions covered in weatherproof fabric for comfort. You may also want to place a few stone or wood benches around your garden to create additional sitting areas.

2. Add DIY elements

DIY elements will give your garden a unique and lived-in feel. Try letting your kids make their own birdfeeder, or decorate the garden with golf balls painted to look like ladybugs. You can also make a DIY swing using a tire and a rope. Just tie it securely to a sturdy tree branch and your homemade swing is guaranteed to be a hit with the kids!

3. Have a few vegetable plots

Kids love playing in the dirt, so encourage their love for digging by having a few vegetable plots in your garden. Your children will love caring for their plants and will be thrilled to harvest their own veggies in the coming months. Also, kids are more likely to eat the veggies that they cared for, so it’s a win-win situation for everyone in the family.

My Say

Getting some fresh air and sunshine and playing outdoors can help to make your child healthy and happy. Try these tips to create a garden that your kids will enjoy for years to come.

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