3 Reasons to Maintain an Orderly Work Space

Ever since a child, my happy place has always been a clean and orderly space. My room, my school desk and eventually my office cubicle would have to be a place characterized by order.

Photo by Ellen Auer on Unsplash

Many say that a little mess inspires creativity in the workplace. Possibly true for some but definitely not me. I function best in an orderly work space and I’ll give you 3 reasons why.


An orderly work space allows me to know where to find things I need. That saves a lot of time and effort in going through drawers, cabinets, or even files. The secret is to put things where they should be and remember to return them to the same place after using.

When I spend the least time in finding what I need, I end up with more time doing what I need to do and actually complete the task. Efficiency, which is always appreciated in the work place is measured in terms of output. It is about avoiding waste of time, effort, and materials. Having an orderly work space definitely promotes efficiency.


Well-being is the state of being contended and happy. In the workplace often characterized by stress and deadlines, it can be difficult to attain well-being. Having an orderly work space makes it easier to deal with piling requirements because it is easier to track assigned tasks.

A sight of disarray at the start of a working day can trigger stress even before actual work starts. The feeling of being overwhelmed and defeated can be difficult to avoid if one does not know where to start. An orderly work space not only pertains to the physical arrangement but also the system in place for doing one’s job.


An orderly work space gives an appearance that the one occupying it is in control. Work stress cannot be totally avoided but it can be controlled to be at tolerable levels that will allow accomplishment of tasks. Being in control inspires trust and confidence from peers.

No one likes to be associated with mediocre or unreliable results. A workplace in a physical state of confusion often produces these kinds of results. There are people who can miraculously pull it off in an environment of chaos but they are quite few.

My Say

An orderly work space  is my little piece of heaven outside my home. This was my desk just before our department transferred to our new building. I’m truly excited to arrange my “new home” at work.

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